In yesterday’s post I began my participation in Jennifer Nichole Well’s Color Your World challenge highlighting Jan 1-4 Crayola inspired colored. In it I encouraged you repeatedly to go check out her site but I’m not sure if you got the message.

I even showed you a little sampling of her artwork to further seduce you to her site.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, WordPress likes her so much they’ve interviewed her about the dioramas she makes and you can check it out by clicking here. But that’s not her site that’s just the interview. To visit her website go to

Now, that I’ve given you all that great warm up you’re probably ready to head over and see what she’s offering but if you did that you’d never learn why this post is entitled Relieved Orange! So come on, read a little further:

Relieved Orange | Memee's Musings

I used Jennifer’s Writing and Photo topic generator and was assigned with the aspiring “Relieved Orange” prompt. Fortunately, I immediately knew what my photograph would be. I’m not much of a photographer and my cell phone camera sucks, but I still find it quite humorous.

Thanks for stopping in and taking a peek at the relieved orange. You got it right? It was so frightened by the dog that it relieved itself. Maybe I’m not funny either. I dunno. I think it’s cute and hope you did too!

Here’s the link to the topic generator page (there are themed generators too so check it out — and if you want a theme, suggest it!) She’s real nice and will do her best to accommodate your whims.

So, any thoughts?

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