I find it fascinating and honestly, a bit frustrating, annoying(?), that everyone is attributing this quote to David Bowie. He didn’t create it. He wasn’t even the first to sing it. David Bowie was only one of more than a dozen covers.

Nature Boy was first recorded in 1947 by Nat King Cole. And he didn’t write it either. The lyrics were gifted to him by a stranger. But before it could be released to the public the songwriter had to be tracked down. His name was Eden Ahbez. And in 1948 the words “The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just To Love And Be Loved In Return,” were heard for the first time.

Still, David Bowie is an important part of American iconology. I am just wishing people were remembering him for his own glorious creations (for me — being more movie oriented than music oriented, it is his turn as Jareth the Goblin King in 1986’s Labyrinth film.)

Please enjoy the videos (it took a long time to gather them up for you!)

This is the writer singing the song, probably some time after it became “known.”:


Nat King Cole recorded 1947, released 1948


Dick Haymes, 1948


Frank Sinatra, 1948


Sarah Vaughan, 1948


Peggy Lee, 1948


Bobby Darin, 1961


Grace Slick and the Great Society, 1965


Ella Fitzgerald, 1976


George Benson, 1977


Etta Jones, 1979


Natalie Cole, 1991


Abbey Lincoln, 1995


Cher, 1998


David Bowie & Massive Attack, 2001


Aaron Neville, 2003


Harry Connick Jr., 2003


Celine Dion, 2004


Casey Abrams (American Idol TV) 2011


Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett, 2014


And there are, in the age of YouTube, so many more! Find your favorite and support the artist. Shop at iTunes or Vevo or from personal websites. Most independant artists on YouTube do have their covers available for sale and still others are just trying to get their voice out there and will give you a copy, just give them the feedback, they’ll respond!  Next week I’ll go back to normal #WCW programing.


And, here’s my pingback: Rebirth of Lisa

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      1. LOL, I understand. Sometimes things nag at me in this way. It’s good to spread the truth when you know that everyone believes a lie. It would be wrong not to say something, in my opinion. 🙂

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