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I haven’t died and I haven’t gone missing. This term in school is kicking my ass and taking up all of my time, plus of course there’s that entire bipolar depression thing that’s been going on since February. I still love ya guys and I have more to say and learn. This blog is sticking around so please, stick with me through this publishing low.

I have two great poems coming up that I wrote in the midst of the darkness. I’m passed that stage now and things are turning around in that department. Look for them in the next few day. The first poem is called When Helplessness Hits and the second, Stagnation (even the titles express the degree to which I was low). I received a lot of positive feedback on them over at my other blog, which is meant as a blogging community for people with mental illness. If you have or are impacted by mental illness please consider contributing to the Letters to the Mind blog, you can find a picture link in my sidebar.

Also coming up shortly is my announcement on who had the best poem about friendship at Memee’s Poetry Parties last month and then of course, a brand new poetry challenge will be revealed on the 15th. So don’t snooze, join the linkup (under “current party” tab)!

The wonderful photograph was taken by Benjamin Combs and acquired through Unsplash. It’s a great source for free photos under the Creative Commons Zero license, so check it out!

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      1. Yay!! LOL, I almost chose that photograph for my poem! I really like it. I love how you’ve incorporated a conversation into it. I’ve never seen that in poetry before. Very cool.

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      2. Haha they sure have wonderful photographs these days. Thank you for liking it, this suddenly came to me and it’s like a conversation in my head, so I’ve written it down. The poetry course helped me a lot in writing poems~ do enroll if you have the chance! 😀

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