Something Amazing | Memee's MusingsIt is Thankful Thursday once again, and I have something amazing to share with you (and my future self)!

A few days ago out of nowhere, and I mean absolutely nowhere, I received an email from a gal looking for help on transcribing audio recordings. The pay is not significant at all, but I’m not working so it’ll help with gas and toiletries, etc. And it will give me the incentive to be on my machine every day.

Did I say every day? Why yes I did! She is a captioner and this is just for one specific television show. And it airs every weekday. And because it is all recorded in studio on television quality sound systems the audio is crystal clear. So tonight we worked out our little contract and I start on Monday. The televangelist  speaks slowly (which of course is nice, especially with transcription work), but that’s because he’s got a slow Texas drawl (which I will adjust to).

Tatiana and family, Annette, and Carol: your prayers for me have paid off! This is obviously sent from Heaven above as no one recommended me and yet here she is. And to be sure I recognized the sign, gift, blessing: it’s a Christian-based program! So I’ll be listening to the gospel as I work! Is that not absolutely amazing!

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So, any thoughts?

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