So last week for Thankful Thursday I told you about my recent adventures in Automysteryland. If you missed it, please go read the post entitled Stranded-Not Stranded.

Well, I got my car back on Saturday and drove it the 7 miles home and then did not drive it again until Monday when I needed to drive the freeway an hour to get to Seattle and meet for my doctor’s appt. I made it maybe 15 minutes down the road when suddenly I noticed the check engine light was on. I had been without my car for nearly 2 weeks while numerous mechanics and mechanical shops investigated the cause of my mysterious problem. I did not have any problems on Monday, just the warning light was on. Nonetheless, I wasn’t going to take any chances. On my way home from the doctor, I went directly back to the dealership who had seemingly fixed the problem.

They checked the error codes and it said catalytic converter. He knew that was not really the issue because they had (as did all the previous mechanics) checked that. So, he said he thought it was an O2 emission sensor on the passenger side of the car. He said it would not impact driveability. I need only be certain to get it fixed before my tabs come due in January.

The next day I had another doctor’s appointment about 40 minutes from where I live. I got in my car and was ready to go. The check engine light was not on as he had “erased” the code. I was driving down the 2-lane road that is the only ingress/egress from my city, chugging along at 40 MPH when without warning my car started jerking violently forward and backward, forward and backward. The dealership was only about 4 miles away so I was determined to try and get there. Once there, I knew, I’d be able to get a loaner car so I kept on about another mile and a half when suddenly everyone was redirected back from whence they came. The road was closed in both directions due to an automobile accident. I was told that I would have to go in the other direction and take another, specific route to get to the dealership which was now only 2 and a half miles from the closure. I turned around and headed back in the direction of my home, but the problem mysteriously vanished. So, I kept going and took that alternate route. An hour and ten minutes later I arrived safely at the dealership. Turned it in and got the loaner for the holiday weekend. When I left I forgot about the road closure and turned toward home and, wouldn’t you know it, the road was opened. Perhaps, had I just waited there at the side of the road I would have gotten to the dealership faster and saved myself stress, time, and gas.

Anyway, apparently, the joke was on me. As now we are back to square one with the mystery that has been eluding mechanics with decades of experience for weeks now.

So 2 of my 3 reasons for a Thankful Thursday last week have been erased. I am still grateful that none of the plethoras of mechanics took advantage of me. The other reasons are gone. I am therefore grateful this Thursday for my loaner car. For without it, I would be spending Thanksgiving stranded at home, alone.

Happy Thanksgiving my minions! I hope you have a wonderful day and find at least one thing to feel truly thankful for on this day.

☀ Memee

So, any thoughts?

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