Registered, Enrolled and Attending!

My superpowerThe world of blogging, at least for me, tends to roll over into real life. I guess that is what happens when a person decides to blog without a primary focus for material. When I began blogging nine months ago I chose the tagline, “Thoughts about life, death and the world around me.” I was, after all, blogging out of my need to recover from multiple personal losses in a period of three months. Needless to say, I was doing a LOT of thinking and not much sleeping.

Now I am feeling like myself again, for the most part. I mean, I feel like my old self (except for the occasional stream of tears running down my cheeks) but I am a happier, stronger, more confident self who manages to sleep well once I get around to turning out the lights. I have discovered a talent I never knew I had and now use the voice I had been suppressing from “the world.” And while I continue to blog about my thoughts on life, death and the world around me I have also come to use my tiny blog as a forum I can use to advocate for animals (because they cannot advocate for themselves) in my Seeking Love Saturdays posts. I am exploring the art of storytelling with Memee’s Supershort Stories! and host a monthly event entitled Memee’s Poetry Parties. My life as a blogger expanded and exploded though my readership continues to flag.

When I first decided to begin a blog it was because I knew from my teen and young adult years that journaling always helped me get out the toxic emotions and learn how I was really feeling about the situations occurring in my life. I knew that was an effective tool for me. I also knew that my mind flies when my fingers are on a keyboard and so blogging seemed the perfect fit And, it is! I was fortunate in that shortly after I began blogging I discovered that WordPress actually offered free classes on how to get started and so I registered, enrolled and began attending Blogging 101 just days after designing my blog. Wow, the universe was on my side, finally!

However, when Blogging 101 ended I watched and I waited eagerly for blogging 201 to begin. And it was like watching a teakettle… nothing happened. I found myself waiting in the blogging world for days, for weeks while, in the real world life marched forward so much so that when Blogging 201 did begin, my Freshman classmates moved forward and I had missed the registration deadline. Not once, but twice (at least). Which may be why I have under 250 followers while my Freshman classmates seem to shine with their thousands. Or, at least, that’s what I have been telling myself up til now.

And here is where I find life and blogging overlapping again. I have been talking about “going back to school for 3 years now, but life happened and school did not. And then, within the same week I found myself registering and now enrolled in school as well as registered and enrolled and as of today, attending Blogging 201! Wow, when the universe gives it gives big which I am especially grateful for considering 2014 was a year filled with the universe taking away BIG TIME.

So now here we are, Day-1 of the Blogging 201 course and our assignment is to set 3 goals for ourselves. Interestingly enough, in the real world class begins next week but we already have assignments to work on. One of which is setting short and long term goals for ourselves and sharing those goals with our classmates for support as well as accountability. Blogging World mimicking real life again and on the very same day! I won’t go into my real world goals here today, however, here are my 3 blogging goals:

1. Create a successful linky party for poets of all ages, languages and skill levels to share with and inspire one another.

2. Develop my fictional writing with the intention of expanding my imagination and ability to spark personal inspiration.

3. Build a larger audience so that I can educate more people about mental health, advocate for the lives of animals and entertain or inspire others while continuing to utilize blogging as a tool for better awareness and understanding of myself and my feelings, thoughts and actions.

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Spring Has Sprung at #Memeespoetryparties!

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and it is time for everyone to come visit another one of Memee’s Poetry Parties. So April’s poem challenge theme is Spring! Tell us about springtime where you live. Now, I know that here in the U.S. we define spring as April, May, and June. And in other parts of the world spring may well be celebrated at another time. So that’s the hardest part and the most interesting part of this linky party. Share with us your cultural differences or personal differences… Do you have special holidays or gorgeous flowers? Are there certain insects or animals that become prevalent during this time? However you want to tackle this challenge is up to you, please share Spring with us!

To learn the 5 easy rules please visit Memee’s Poetry Parties. You’ll find the party link lower down the post, it’ll be identified as, you guessed it, #springhassprung!

Submission dates for #springhassprung are: April 13 – April 19 (2015)

Voting for your favorite #springhassprung poems will occur: April 20 – April 23 (2015)

This month’s party ends April 24th. Door prizes will be announced in following days. And remember, the more the merrier so be sure and challenge your contemporaries, your followers and anyone else you hope to party with!

Participants must follow all rules to be eligible for door prizes.

Looking forward to seeing you at the punchbowl!

☀ Memee

Diving into Social Networks

img_swim-lessonWhen I was a teen, swimming class was a requirement for getting a high school diploma. So, sophomore year, 1st period, Monday through Friday, I attended swim class. I never could do the diving, even off the side of the pool.  Each and every attempt I’d come up out of the water choking and gagging on chlorine-saturated pool water. I tried everything, holding my nose, blowing out, nose plugs, anything that I was told might help I tried.  Nothing did. I was convinced the water must be flooding into my throat through my ears, closed eye sockets and even the very pores of my skin… those that weren’t clogged with blackheads, that is.  As I said, I tried everything — well, everything that is except being one of those girls who refused to get their hair wet so they did nothing over the hour except hold on to the side of the pool kicking their feet like idiots.  Now I think perhaps those girls were the smart ones, I mean, I’m pretty sure they were having more fun in swim class than I was… probably gossiping about the boys and their swim trunks while I had the nerve of pridefulness which meant I spent my weekday mornings drowning like a wet rat that cannot climb out of a toilet bowl.

But still, at the time, I handled swim class. I did, after all, have my cute little Speedo swimsuit which looked superfine on me… little did I know until the second-to-last day of class that OMG! it clung so snuggly it was practically see-through! Let me tell you that was much, much more horrifying than having to shower naked with 30 other girls of all shapes and sizes and personalities!  We all know about mean girls, but in the showers and locker rooms, that’s where they could be the most vicious and you never knew who would catch the brunt of it from one day to the next.  But aside from that very last day of class where I sat on the bench in full dress, claiming menses, I made it through that class and that entire year walking around with wet scraggly hair, faintly smelling of chlorine and I will, in time, as I did then, make it through this course as well. Continue reading

How Do I Love Thee Poetry Party #howdoilovetheepoetryparty

Poetry Party!

Blogging 201, your pace is kickin’ my butt! Today I was supposed to dive into social networking and before I even got a chance to get to it you’ve posted that it’s now time to learn more about events! What the heck, I’m already behind so skipping ahead, here I am, hours later, creating my first event, it’s the: How do I Love Thee Poetry Party! Continue reading

A Case for Entitlement

Who me, entitled?  Never!
Who me, entitled? Never!

It is day-2 of my online blogging101 course and we are supposed to change, alter, or tweek our blog name and/or tagline.  Well B.U., I’m not going to do it. So there, I’ve said it! I have the right to do it my way and not your way. I am deserving, no not deserving, entitled to special treatment and privileges.

Why? What do you mean, why? Because I am me, of course. I am special. I am unique. I have a voice and well, there is only one Memee and she is me! If you don’t like it, well, that’s…

Wait, what’s that you just said? I don’t have to change anything if I don’t want to? All you are asking is that in order to complete my homework I simply need to pay attention to all of the instructions before beginning my blog post? Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place?

What do you mean I should have already learned about reading all the instructions before beginning any new class assignment by the time I got through middle school? Who do you think you are, a university or something?

What’s that you say? What did I think B.U. stood for? Well, your name, I guess; why?

Oh, well now I feel stupid! B.U. Stands for Blogging University. Okay, well, let me begin my assignment again.

I am B.L. Memee and I have named my blog Memee’s Musings and I am sticking to it. Why I have that title for a blog of my personal thoughts is because, obviously, I am Memee and they are my thoughts. They are the musings my mind takes me on and I am simply releasing my thoughts “to paper” for personal posterity and allowing you to tag along with me. And, actually, I am kinda famous in my circles of people for emails that meander from topic-to-topic as my brain wizes and whorls from one thought to the next. I mean, I literally type what I am thinking in that moment (and sadly for my email recipient, without proper formatting) and oftentimes my thoughts will be interrupted by other thoughts by who other than myself. So Memee’s Musings is the title today, tomorrow and, well, until I have no more thoughts rapid-firing through the synapses of my brain.

Now as for the tagline.  It may be subject to change at some point but for now it simply states what my blog is about:  “Thoughts about life, death and the world around me.” It’s simple and accurate and for me even a little curious.

I guess that if you want to find out if I am going to change that tagline in the future, you will just have to become my minion.