He’s My Best Friend

When I am weak you are strong.
You help me to know I’ll make it through, I’ll carry on.
I count on you to hold me up
especially on days when my legs cannot.

On days I cry, you sit beside me.
And although my tears flow quickly down my face
I know with you I’m in a safe place.

When I am strong
we run along
stride for stride
always happy to be
side by side.

You never fail to show your heart
to share your peace, your grace, your love
You are my best friend.
You are my dog.

My Best Friend: Forest
My Best Friend: Forest

My Glory Days Are Within Reach

Accepting Grace and living in Glory
Accepting Grace and living in Glory

If you were to ask people to define the term “Glory Days” most Americans would tell you that they are the days from our past when we were at our very best. But why must we live our lives convinced our Glory Days have already come and gone? That’s not healthy. I want my Glory Days to be today, tomorrow and every day in my future.  Continue reading

Sitting Alone

Sitting Alone

Sitting alone upon my bed
memories of times together we shared
these visions of you are clogging my head.
I eat. I drink. I sleep.

Sitting alone upon my bed
memories of times together we shared
these visions of you are clogging my head.
I cry. I weep. I steep.

Sitting alone upon my bed
memories of times together we shared
these visions of you are clogging my head.
I hunger; I thirst for your touch
I weep as I sleep dreaming of us.

I awaken and start my day anew.
In the morning I’ll begin the day
feeling happy just thinking of you
because for a brief moment of time
I am able to forget
that in a few short hours I’ll be all alone
in what once was our bed.

 I’ll wail.  I’ll wallow.  My heart filled with sorrow
I now remember what will inevitably follow:
Dreams of you that feel so real
that once again I will forget
that we’re not together
the past is dead.

Again I will waken and start a day fresh and new.
In the morning I’ll feel happiness
I’ll be thinking of you.
For a short time
dreams will make me forget
that once again I will find myself
sitting alone upon my bed
with visions of you clogging my head.

*Special shout out to Jasmine for the poem challenge. You keep inspiring me with your writing, your openness and desire to connect!
Beauty is Found Everywhere

Our Song: Then and Now

You hold my heart in your handsThis has been a very difficult week for me. There is no reason for it being more difficult than the week before, other than, I suppose, I am healing from the pain of my broken heart. I am learning acceptance despite my desire to rebuke the truth that we have no future. I am so broken and yet I continue breathing despite my strong desire to just close my eyes and sleep. Continue reading

Flirting With Disaster

Throw a snowing night out there and...Why do we flirt with disaster?  Why do some of the smartest, sweetest, kindest women fall for “bad boys”?  I mean, we know perfectly well that both of those things only lead to heartache, heartbreak and what’s that third thing?  Oh, yeah, right… fun! Continue reading

Relationship: What is it and why is it so damn confusing?

How do I define the word relationship? It is the state of being in relation with another person. I stand here, you stand there. I am above you, beside you, beneath you. You are my boss and I am your employee. I am your mother and you are my son. We are friends, family, spouses, co-workers, teammates, partners, acquaintances or strangers. Everyone, each and every one of us is in relationship with one another. That is how I define the word “relationship”. Continue reading

Dream Reader You’re My Dream Weaver

DreamweaverIt has been twelve days since you married Kristyna and of those twelve days we have spent ten of them communicating via email or chat. What is wrong with that picture? I can feel myself softening — and what is wrong with that picture? — my resilience toward you. I should say my will is weakening, but I don’t want to admit to a “negative,” instead I choose the euphemism, “softening.” It is an easier pill to swallow that way; however, it also turns the entire situation into a white lie of sorts. But it’s “just a little white lie.” I tell myself. Intellectually I know that this is the case, it is a lie not meant to mislead or deceive you, but a lie because I am downplaying the reality of our situation. I am subconsciously finding ways to forgive and forget your transgression against me, that betrayal that sliced through me like a lightning strike splitting a tree in half. My world was rocked by the visceral agony I felt coursing throughout my body. And yet I catch myself consciously trying to find an excuse to allow myself to believe it is perfectly acceptable to let you back into my bed… perhaps even the “right thing to do.” I mean, we are in love, aren’t we? Still? I know I am still very much in love with you: mind, body, and soul. Continue reading