Color Your World (take 2)

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Hi minions and newcomers, I sure hope you are enjoying this Color Your World challenge. I know I am digging it! LOL.   It is still the first week of the challenge so you certainly have time to jump in and participate from the beginning (not that you cannot just jump in whenever you decide to, because you can!).  Just click the image above to be taken to the challenge!

I started late and ended up catching up right away. But then I decided that I liked grouping the different colors together so that is how I’ve decided to go about this challenge.  For the first installment check out my post 120 Days of Crayola where I have highlighted the colors for Jan 1-4 on a challenge running into April.

For Words Crush Wednesday I shared a wonderful Brad Paisley quote we’d all do great in remembering in the post Happy New Year! I think I have managed to post everyday so far this week and as you all know I won’t keep to this pace, but I do feel like I am having a great start to the year and am enjoying a sense of invigoration.

Now, onto the colors!

Jan 5: Asparagus Green

Color Your World (take 2) | Memee's Musings

Jan 6: Atomic Tangerine

Color Your World (take 2) | Memee's Musings

Jan 7: Banana Mania

Color Your World (take 2) | Memee's MusingsI hope you’re enjoying these little collages. Obviously, I am.  More next week!

(Oh, and don’t forget, it’s never too late to join in and participate how you’d like. Just click the CYW badge at the top of this page!)


Parade was submitted to March’s Poetry on Parade linky party by Malvika over at Magical Corner. I hope you enjoy it as much as every one else has!

wpid-919628334648-1380725205The cymbals clash,
The crowds cheer,
The party has begun,
The celebration has started.

The magician’s magic,
The charmer’s charm,
The dancer’s grace,
The singer’s voice.

The positivity around,
The flashing colours,
The sparkling decor,
The happy souls.

The extravagant aura,
The splendid realm,
The fancy costumes,
The new feel.

The cultural view,
The varied traditions,
The endless fun,
The loud music.

Its the time when,
One forgets the world.
Enjoyment becomes the order,
Of the parade called life…