This year the Color Your World challenge has shifted from a daily challenge to a weekly challenge and because I like to take and create photo collages of the colors, I have decided that I will create one post to cover the four colors of the month.

If you are ready to get inspired by a color and participate in the inspirational challenge in a way that makes you happy, you can find each weeks’ color, as well as the colors and links to other participants’ inspired posts at this link here.

August 2020:

              Orange!                           Orchid!                       Outer Space!        Outrageous Orange!

Hex Code: FF7537          Hex Code: E8A9D9         Hex Code: 424A4E           Hex Code: FE6E4A

Visit my blog post for Orange to get all the details about joining the Color Your World Challenge.

In the very early hours of May 7th, I was awoken suddenly by a bright light shining in my eyes. It turns out it was a full-moon Supermoon and just that tiny sliver of a silver lining of moonlight breaking free of the clouds was enough to bring me to full alert. It was gorgeous and so I got up and grabbed my cell phone and took these three images as the moon topped over the clouds! Who knew I’d be posting them as part of the “Outer Space” Crayola crayon’s color blog challenge? Certainly not me, I just knew it was beautiful and I wanted to capture it.

And as for Outrageous Orange, I was unsuccessful in finding a true color match. But that’s okay because the Croscosmia flowers shade of orange is outrageous even if not a match to Crayola’s creation and then the photo of the 1950s Halloween decoration is so fabulously outrageous, I had to share him with you!

To view other people’s Color-Your-World-inspired posts just visit the Official Color Your World challenge page and scroll down for all the linked posts!

So, any thoughts?

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