O! God Now Come on the Earth

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Author: Syed Sabah ur Rehman


Understanding Today’s world is Arduous Task,

Like Filling water in the Broken Flask.

What were we and what we are,

All emotional Relations are Shifting Far.


Sentiments & sacrifices are mere words

They seem to be as we have Never heard

God has created us to survive,

but we are vandalising each other’s lives


who shed Tears is indeed the faulter,

as,it is nothing but just salted water.

Ecstasy is Altering in to Embarrassment,

No flower can Bloom in venomous Environment.


O! God now please stop taking our test,

come on the earth and abolish the tempest.

Original Poem entitled: O! GOD NOW COME ON THE EARTH © MereJazbaat.com, and Syed Sabah ur Rehman aka AATIF, 2016-2018 All rights reserved.
Republished with permission.
O! God Now Come on the Earth post © Memee’s Musings, and B.L. Memee 2017-2019. All rights reserved.
The wonderful photograph was taken by Emil Jarfelt and acquired through Unsplash. It’s a great source for free photos under the Creative Commons Zero license, so check it out!

I Dreamt of Rapture

pi in the skySo last night, Easter Monday night, I dreamt of Rapture… yes, The Rapture. It was beautiful and magnificent and very, very real. The textures and clarity of the images were beyond what most dreams were. This was not one of those lucid dreams, you know, the kind where you are aware you are dreaming, I was 100% in the dream aware of my feelings and emotions and all of the wonderous sights occurring all around me.

It has been a long day and it is dark outside now. I was eager to get my dream down on paper — I should have actually realized that I could use paper! — before much of it faded away but WordPress gave me difficulty all day today. But I am here now and so I will share what I can with you. Continue reading

I’m Sorry… Did Your Boat Not Float?


So you actually thought Zero G-Day was going to happen. It didn’t. So now what?

Well, I can tell you it leads me to ask you a few questions, the first of which is: What were you thinking? Were you even thinking? Or have social media websites taken away all of your well-earned bumps and scrapes that were supposed to teach you to think for yourself (or at least do a little research) before jumping off the bridge with the group sitting across from you? And if you read it on the Internet and believed it must, therefore, be true, well, then I want to know what you thought it meant.

And finally, a word of advice: If you really DID think that zero gravity day was going to happen and perpetuated the spread of the hoax disease on any of your media platforms, please, PLEASE, take the few seconds to go to http://www.snopes.com before cluttering the world with misguided, misleading misdirections. Thank you.

☀ Memee