pi in the sky

So last night, Easter Monday night, I dreamt of Rapture… yes, The Rapture. It was beautiful and magnificent and very, very real. The textures and clarity of the images were beyond what most dreams were. This was not one of those lucid dreams, you know, the kind where you are aware you are dreaming, I was 100% in the dream aware of my feelings and emotions and all of the wonderous sights occurring all around me.

It has been a long day and it is dark outside now. I was eager to get my dream down on paper — I should have actually realized that I could use paper! — before much of it faded away but WordPress gave me difficulty all day today. But I am here now and so I will share what I can with you.

At the beginning of the dream something very strange began occurring in the sky. There was a red dot, a big red dot and a line extending from that dot led to another dot across the sky, what would have been a great, great distance and then another line connected to another dot, and as we walked ahead, trying to get closer to this miraculous and strange thing occurring in the sky, suddenly it all quickly began coming together… only 3 dots and 3 red lines but then day turned to night and the rest of the patterns were star constellations  the lines were quickly filling in so we could see and understand what we were seeing.

The first configuration that became easily apparent, though also completely unexpected was the symbol for pi. I am pretty sure there isn’t a constellation of pi, but maybe there should be.  After all, God is the greatest mathematician of all time.  If you don’t believe me, look to science, his fingerprint and his calculations are apparent everywhere!

I am not an astronomer, I don’t know any constellations beyond the two dippers. In my dream I did recognize the mathematical symbol pi and pointing at it shouted to my companions that is pi!  Look, it is pi, that’s the symbol for pi!  I don’t know if it was shock or pride or both that made me yell at those standing beside me, certainly they would have heard me if I’d spoken in a normal tone, but this wasn’t a normal situation and perhaps the excitement of what was happening was expressing itself.  And then all of a sudden, rushing up to meet pi was the constellation Taurus.  I know it was Taurus because someone else identified it as Taurus, the bull. Taurus rammed into pi and they sat there in the sky above us. There were other symbols as well, though they must not have been as important and thus were not identified.

So much was happening in the sky and it was marvelous and amazing, a site never imagined let alone seen before. I dropped to my knees, my arms raised to the air and I began praying to my Lord and Father to rapture me now, in these moments, over and over and over I prayed, my eyes wide open, my words flowing smoothly, a calmness settled within me. And as I kneeled there praying to be taken up in my Father’s loving arms I saw that from as far as my eyes could see, and moving in waves toward me, that all of those who were kneeling in prayer, arms raised, eyes open and lips moving, their bodies would instantly turn to ash, their form remaining for an instant before blowing away. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.

And then it happened, I too became ash, and as my form blew into the air I was still conscious and aware of all that was happening around me. I felt like I was floating, I was floating! I could hear my thoughts, my inner voice even though I knew I had no body and no form. I was in total awe of my situation. It had really happened. We were in the End Days and I had been raptured out of the impending Tribulation that would occur on earth. I had been deemed worthy of saving. I felt no sadness for those left behind only peace, calm and awe at what I was experiencing.

That was the first part of the dream and it was the clearest and most powerful parts of the dream. The second part of the dream I, like the others who’d been Raptured became angels for God. I don’t remember a lot about this portion of the dream except to say that it made sense to me that indeed we would be angels, helpers to God and Jesus.

The third part of the dream, which I guess I must have been in a more lucid state for, I was telling people about my amazing dream of Rapture, I was repeating it over and over from beginning to end. I suppose that was my mind’s way of trying to make certain that I remembered the important elements of the dream. I wish I remembered more because it was so beautiful, so amazing and so peaceful and I wish that I could re-experience it and share it in a more fulfilling way with you.

Now, to be clear, I am not saying that this was a dream of prophecy although it did seem like much more than just a dream. I am just a woman, a Christian, who has asked for God’s gifts and blessings. And I have to say I am starting to think God is talking to me through my dreams because this is the third dream in my 45 years which seems to have religious messages and themes. And all of these dreams have come since October 2014. That’s not the big deal, the big deal is that after I have the dream, it is so strong and so much a part of me that I have to kinda keep thinking about it, sharing it and learning more about it. I think I had better go back and chronicle that first dream, just for my own purposes. My second dream I did write about, it is called I Dreamt Ravens Were Flying North for the Winter.

I am a Christian, but I haven’t read all of the Bible, not even most of the Bible. I work a day job on Sundays (and all the major holidays, Christmas and Easter included) and even growing up my family were not regular churchgoers. So when I began sharing my “religious dreams” with my Christian friend who has read the Bible, the Torah and the Quran I learned about all of the clues my dream held out for me to seek answers to, and how they fit in with these religious books. I was shocked, to say the least, even skeptical, but then I had my second dream and now I’ve had a third.

And this third time, I was like, nah, it can’t be, but when I was looking for the image of pi I picked out for this article post I thought, hey, why not, let’s just throw in the keywords “Taurus” and “Bible”, see if anything pops up. I honestly didn’t think anything would show up.

But it did!

I’m not kidding you! This is totally really happening to me. I am having dreams that fit with biblical prophecy. So the very first link that came up lead me to this, just now, I did not read this before this moment I am sharing it with you: “Taurus, the Bull, from Latin and Greek, symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the Redeemer (Jn 19:37, Isa 44:24), who will return as a mighty warrior at the Second Advent to redeem Israel (Isa 1:24-28; 34:2-8; 44:6-7, 22-23; 49:26; Jer 31:10-11; Zech 12:9-10; Heb 10:13-14; Rev 1:7) and establish worldwide prosperity for a millennium.”1

Wholly cripes! And although I have not shared my first dream with you I will tell you, it also has to do with Judaism and End Times. I’ve never been a believer in End Times, it was not part of my church teachings as a child or anything, but this is happening to me and it is really, really odd and yet I feel peaceful and excited and happy, not scared. So, um, yeah, I’m not crazy and I am starting to really believe God wants me to know and share what he is telling me.

Thanks for your patience. I know I am long-winded and I know not everyone will want to read this post because of its religious content. But my blog is about sharing myself and the things that happen around me and this dream is kinda a big deal. Three dreams, three messages about End Times being on the horizon. I have to pay attention, I just do.

As a footnote, I just read a little bit more on the Taurus-Bible connection (same website). And it says, “Taurus is symbolized by the Tribe of Asher (Gen 49:20; Deut 33:24-25).” And when I read those words my heart skipped a beat and my eyes began to weep. I think I am from the tribe of Asher! Which is why I am getting messages regarding the Jews, rather than the Christians. Hmm…. so much to ponder over! But that too is confusing, because in this third dream I am clearly raptured and the Jews are supposedly going to join God after the tribulation. Hmm, I’ll definately need guidance on that point of confusion.

Oh my gosh, I am totally tripping out here! So, get this: “Taurus is a figure of an ox or bull. It contains the star Pleiades, which in Hebrew is Succoth, meaning the Feast of Tabernacles.”2 This year the feast of Tabernacles is Sep 30 – Oct 4 , 2015, Feast of Tabernacles! It’s coming people, omg, it’s coming. Get your houses in order and make sure your loved ones are ready.

Dream number two was about the Wheat Harvest… Tribulation! And this one is about the Feast of Tabernacles…. OMG, I just found this “If Elijah shows up as expected on Passover, and witnesses for 1260 days, the end of the witness period of Rev. 11 would be on the Feast of Tabernacles — the power of the antichrist over the saints is ended on day 1260 because the saints are raptured directly after his Abomination of Desolation. These two coinciding prophetic time frames are a compelling clue that the Rapture shall fall during the Feast of Tabernacles.”3

Mind BLOWN!!!

I am shocked, wow, wow, wow, wow!

Seriously guys, I don’t know how this is happening. I am not watching movies or reading books about this stuff. But I gotta say, my brain is doing a great job of convincing me. Tonight, I think I am convinced. We are here, in the End Times, now. So when I say get your house in order, I’m not referring to cleaning up, I mean make sure that your relationship with God is defined, make sure your family has the relationship with God that they want because shit is gonna hit the fan and you’ll either be saved in the blink of an eye by God’s grace, love and forgiveness or you’ll suffer great turmoil and then die. I hate to finish this article that way, but I think it has to be said. Save yourselves and save the people you love.

But don’t worry, I’ll still write fun short stories and other stuff too. But criminy-jiminy cricket what a night!

Okay so now I’ve totally lost it! I was closing up this article when I decided I’d better see why pi was in my dream and so I put in my key words, “pi” and “bible” and sure enough, pi is in the Bible!4

And I am thinking that maybe pi is God’s number, it represents Him. Because like God, pi is infinite and also like God, it leaves it’s signature everywhere5, from what I gather, if I understand everything I’m reading, which maybe I’m not. I’ve never been too good with math. I’m a word girl. If you doubt it let me tell you this… this entire post has a word count of 2159.

Here are the links to what I found, if you’re truly interested.

1Bible Doctrine News
2Bible Study Lessons
3The Prophetic Significance of Tabernacles
4Answers in Genesis
5Live Science

And I should probably mention, because if I don’t a troll might show up and mention that I left it out on purpose, one site even points out that, “The first 144 digits of pi add up to 666” but I’d like to say, they also point out that we shouldn’t take any significant meaning from that and so I did not either. Anyway, here’s that link:

Abarim Publication’s Bible Commentary

Image titled Heaven Jesus Clouds was acquired from Darelle through Pixabay licensing.
© MemeesMusings/B.L. Memee, 2021. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts

  1. Hi hun!!! Omg so I am just reading your blog, I havent made it thru the whole thing yet but I think Pi, the number used as a design in universe and all creation, the link between heaven and earth, represents PISCES.
    Pi is 3.141… So we know it is at least 3, well I can tell you that the 3rd sign of the astrology IS PISCES.
    Jesus is represented by the FISH, He came in the age of PISCES.
    This is just incredible because Jesus truly is coming. Jesus is coming so soon!!!!! He is coming in the time of taurus, in the time of tax season, when the flowers and branches begin to bud… so many signs!!
    God bless you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Katherine,

      Thank you so much for your exciting response. And confirming my belief that this was indeed a prophetic dream. I have only had three of them but they were all nothing like any dream I’ve ever had before. It is so incredible to me that information I did not know, Taurus/bull and the pi symbol actually make perfect sense as to their connections with God, the universe and the second coming. It was all extremely exciting to me!


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