Falkner’s Dreamland

He was caressing her beautiful soft and warm skin, kissing her on her neck while inhaling the fragrance of her hair. The sun was shining, warming his back and when he looked in her eyes he could see the reflection of the few clouds above.

“Mr Falkner!”

The voice forced him back to reality.

“Yes?” he managed to actually answer.

“Mr Falkner! I asked you what your take of this subject is!” She glanced at him, waiting for her student to finally answer her question.

He looked at his professor, trying hard to remember what she was talking about before he drifted off into his dreamworld where they were so much closer than in real life. Continue reading

Flirting With Disaster

Throw a snowing night out there and...Why do we flirt with disaster?  Why do some of the smartest, sweetest, kindest women fall for “bad boys”?  I mean, we know perfectly well that both of those things only lead to heartache, heartbreak and what’s that third thing?  Oh, yeah, right… fun! Continue reading

Relationship: What is it and why is it so damn confusing?

How do I define the word relationship? It is the state of being in relation with another person. I stand here, you stand there. I am above you, beside you, beneath you. You are my boss and I am your employee. I am your mother and you are my son. We are friends, family, spouses, co-workers, teammates, partners, acquaintances or strangers. Everyone, each and every one of us is in relationship with one another. That is how I define the word “relationship”. Continue reading