Something's not quite right, Jim. No, Mr. Spock something is definately not right here.
Something’s not quite right, Jim.     No, Mr. Spock, something is definitely not right here.


Days upon days upon days, that is what learning to blog does, it takes over your days. Don’t get me wrong, I am having a great time and I love blogging! But I got to tell you, after spending three days (and nights) trying to get everything caught up and done on my blog and pay attention to my fellow bloggers while trying to run an event, well, I’m just kinda exhausted! This blog thing it gives you the thrill of victory — 5 people have joined my event! — and the Agony of Defeat — some people cannot get it to open the link submission page!

All I have got to say is one little, itty-bitty word:


That’s right I am screaming it at the top of my lungs nestled silently inside my head.

Anyway, I know it is not helping some people, but, here’s the tutorial video on how to do it (but like I said, it still isn’t working for some people). Please if the event programming does not work for uploading your submission, could you please let me know what you’re trying to connect with… iPhone, iPad, laptop computer, Mac, that kind of stuff. I want to try and figure out what is going on so when I send in a ticket they’ll understand the situation as fully as possible. If I want this to run monthly I want it to run smoothly and easily for ya’ll, right!

I feel like it would be a safe comparison for me to say that blogging is like being bipolar, it’s got super big highs and really low, low downs!

Ooh, and I almost forgot!  Tell me how you were trying to access it. Were you following a link from twitter, pushing the little frog button on my post or on my actual static page, etc. Any little clue you can give might hold the answer!

Thanks again everyone for liking my idea and doing your best to participate or get down to the heart of this mystery. I really appreciate your support… it’s keeping me chug-a-lug-a-lugging along!

Here’s the event submission button if you want to give it a try:

And if you’re one of the poets who has successfully submitted to my link, if you see an error in my description of how to go about doing this, let us know, please and thank you!

(Oh gosh, I nearly forgot!)

So, any thoughts?

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