I did it!As some of you know I have struggled, and struggled, and struggled and struggled* to create links inside of my blog posts that once clicked upon did not redirect the tab, misdirecting my readers away from my site.

How frustrating it is to click a link because you want it to open a new tab so you can read it too, only to lose the location of where you have been. Frustrating, I know, I’ve been there dozens of times myself!

I posted in Blogging U about it. I mentioned it in comments on other people’s blogs who had it working the answer I got was always the same and it never, ever (ever ever ever) worked for me.

But I got the answer now and here is what it looks like:
<a href=”http://linkhere&#8221; target=”_blank”><b>topic title here</b></a>

For those freshman bloggers that don’t know, the <b> symbol is the old HTML code to bold the text. WordPress automatically changes it to say <strong> so I go with what I know and it works.  Both ways work, do what is best for you.  Oh, and if you didn’t know that, then I should probably tell you that the slash indicates “end.” So basically, the <b> and the </b> are optional for your blog’s aesthetics.

So, it is my mission to go back over all my old content and update those links for future readers and those of you who found themselves frustratingly getting lost in a tangle of cyber-messiness (myself included) and have it remedied by the end of March (2015).

Oh, and PS: I figured out what “time” my schedule is set for: Greenwich Mean Time (8 hours ahead of me).

*Four “struggled”s for 4 months!

3 thoughts

  1. Ugh! You solve one problem and another arises… constantly! I had something scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday and instead a previous post went up on Wednesday and nothing scheduled has posted. I’ve been having computer problems this week and could not even get on to discover there was an issue. I’d been grateful I had prescheduled!

    I had written another short story to post on Wednesday for S.B Mazing’s event Finish It! I’d better call 1-800-Boo-Hoo! I’m going to try and post it now so we can appreciate it, despite it’s late hour! All the best,



    1. Yay, Janice reblogged me!! Thanks, Chris. I’ve been travelling and hadn’t gotten the chance to see. Thanks for the follow. Eureka moments are indeed wonderful. Oh, wait, you’re speaking of Eureka! moments (I grew up in Eureka, California, many wonderful memories hehehe!)


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