That’s right poets, we are not going to be creating poetry about St. Patrick’s Day… (or maybe someone is, I don’t ever know what will inspire people with their poetic topics!)

For March we will be tackling a much more difficult topic than we did last month with our #How Do I Love Thee poems. This month, as I am sure you have ascertained from the image and title, we will be writing a poem about our experience with parades. I am hoping that each and all of you have gone to or been to a parade in your real life. If not, you have coming up the opportunity to find a St. Patrick’s Day Parade near you. Just call your local chamber of commerce or that of the city nearest you and they should be able to help you.

If you have lived a parade-free life, please do yourself a favor and experience it once… you might find you love it! Here is a link to the 10 Best Warm Weather St. Patrick’s Day Parades(America). And because this party includes a parade I have extended it out a few extra days, just for those of you who need to attend one can have the opportunity to visit a parade, write your poem and get it in before the submission window closes and the voting begins.

And no, your parade of choice does not have to be St. Patrick’s Day, but if your best parade experience happened to be one then, LUCKY YOU! Your parade can be any parade you’ve been impacted by (participated in, watched from the crowd, sat in traffic or couldn’t find parking because of, or maybe it was a Second Line Parade… if it was, I’m jealous… um, I mean, GREEN with Envy!

I know that on the surface this theme may sound like a struggle, but I am confident that with some thought this challenge will be overcome.  And yes, as always, I have to submit as well.  I wouldn’t ask you to do anything I will not be able to challenge myself to as well.

This time should run more smoothly as I  have done this before and those of you who have come to my previous party understand, the first 7 days of the party is for poetry submissions and the last 3 are for voting. Party favor winners will be notified by email.

Remember, asking others to join Memee’s poetry parties is encouraged. So spread the fun, invite them to submit and vote. And please remind them to use the hashtags #poetryonparade (so I know which party they attended) as well as #memeespoetryparties so I can find their submissions!

Anyone who is interested can find out more on my page Memee’s Poetry Parties.


Hope to see you by the punchbowl!


5 thoughts

  1. I was unfortunately late… but still I hope you don’t mind to take a look. I hope to be on time the next time. Thankyou. 🙂


    1. I reopened it just for you. It is a wonderful poem and I’d like to make an exception this time. This is only the second month and I think people found it too challenging. Please upload it so the others can enjoy and then if you haven’t voted already, come back before Wednesday to place a vote! Thanks for joining us. I look very much forward to what you submit in April.

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