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Author: Janice Wald

use-your-readers-1Like many bloggers, are you concerned with your stats? Do you frequently check your number of blog followers and page views hoping to see them rise?

During your visits to your stats, do you ever click the “shares” tab to see if people are sharing your writing with others?

If the goal is to grow your blog, you need more exposure to other readers. If your current readers share your writing on other forms of social media, their followers will be able to see your link, and you can potentially get more blog followers.

This post will explain how your current readers will be motivated to share your writing with their social media followers.

How to Have Share-Worthy Blog Content

Make your content about your readers. Find out what your readers are interested in and make your content about those topics. For example, if you write tips to help your readers, they might be motivated to share your tips so that they too can help other people. According to Brian Dean at, it is human nature to want to look good to others.

I understand it is your blog, but if you want more traffic, you need to write about what your readers care about, not what you care about. If your readers find it engaging, they will be more likely to want to share your content with others.

In my post 13 Foolproof Ways You Can Stop Writing Ineffective Blog Headlines I outlined ways to write a headline that will let your readers know your blog will be about them and how their lives will be improved by reading your post.

What Topics Do Your Readers Care About?

I don’t know what your readers and potential readers care about. Do you? Do they ask you questions when they comment on your posts? Do they express concerns when commenting at your site?

Write blog posts that answer their questions and address their concerns, and they will be more likely to share your posts with others.
Have an infographic that addresses their concerns. They will be motivated to share it on Pinterest. I use to make my infographics.

When Are Your Readers Likely to Share Your Posts?

If you want your links shared on Twitter, post that at times divisible by 3.
If you want your links shared on Twitter, post that at times divisible by 3.

Know when to put your posts on social media for best sharing potential. Research shows that if you put your links on Twitter at certain times, for example, they are more likely to be shared. Think in terms of three’s. Tweet your link at times divisible by 3–9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm, and so forth.
When you see your content is shared on social media sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, you will know that your blogging efforts are paying off.

Readers, if you think other bloggers will be grateful for this advice, please share.

Bloggers, what advice can you share that you feel contributed to your post getting more shares than usual? One of my readers is curious as to what works best, sharing buttons at the top of a post or the bottom? I look forward to your views.

Donna Ward, Intuitive Business Coach
Brian Dean, Backlinko

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  1. Hi Memee! How great! It looks like you reblogged it which is amazing! Thank you! I’m just surprised I didn’t see notice of the reblog. I usually do. I hope your readers find it useful.


    1. No, was not a reblog. We discussed when I would post this, what changes I wanted to make, etc., in an effort to allow even more
      new bloggers to get all the great tips, tricks and lessons you afford.


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