Parade was submitted to March’s Poetry on Parade linky party by Malvika over at Magical Corner. I hope you enjoy it as much as every one else has!

wpid-919628334648-1380725205The cymbals clash,
The crowds cheer,
The party has begun,
The celebration has started.

The magician’s magic,
The charmer’s charm,
The dancer’s grace,
The singer’s voice.

The positivity around,
The flashing colours,
The sparkling decor,
The happy souls.

The extravagant aura,
The splendid realm,
The fancy costumes,
The new feel.

The cultural view,
The varied traditions,
The endless fun,
The loud music.

Its the time when,
One forgets the world.
Enjoyment becomes the order,
Of the parade called life…

Rhody’s on Parade



The blossoms have all been gathered
Rich purples, pinks, reds and yellows 
With leaves of rich, rich green. 
The floral floats pass right on by
My window looking down from high.

Flanked by marching bands and tractor-vans 
Tanks and trucks and cars with chrome 
Parents ride bikes, their tots on trikes.
You'll see lots of dogs and horses
Perhaps even a cow or two!

Girls with twirling batons and hula hoops,
Veterans and students making one giant loop
As gawkers wave Hello! Goodbye! 
Their children standing by.

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Poetry on Parade!


That’s right poets, we are not going to be creating poetry about St. Patrick’s Day… (or maybe someone is, I don’t ever know what will inspire people with their poetic topics!)

For March we will be tackling a much more difficult topic than we did last month with our #How Do I Love Thee poems. This month, as I am sure you have ascertained from the image and title, we will be writing a poem about our experience with parades. I am hoping that each and all of you have gone to or been to a parade in your real life. If not, you have coming up the opportunity to find a St. Patrick’s Day Parade near you. Just call your local chamber of commerce or that of the city nearest you and they should be able to help you. Continue reading