The blossoms have all been gathered
Rich purples, pinks, reds and yellows 
With leaves of rich, rich green. 
The floral floats pass right on by
My window looking down from high.

Flanked by marching bands and tractor-vans 
Tanks and trucks and cars with chrome 
Parents ride bikes, their tots on trikes.
You'll see lots of dogs and horses
Perhaps even a cow or two!

Girls with twirling batons and hula hoops,
Veterans and students making one giant loop
As gawkers wave Hello! Goodbye! 
Their children standing by.

To join our poetry parade go to:

(And, of course, this parade comes with prizes! I cannot win and I do not vote
Submission deadline is the 19th. Voting begins the 20th. Party concludes on Feb 24th. Good Luck!)

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