Seeking Love Saturdays is in part about finding great homes for canine friends in need. And this one comes close to home for me, close as in proximity. Washington State residents, especially those living in Snohomish County please prick up your ears and open your hearts. I found this on Facebook and it tugged at my heartstrings because, as most of my minions know, I love my own dog so very much.

If you are settled in this area, have a yard, or even better yet a chunk of land, and are ready to commit yourself to two wonderful dogs this bonded pair needs to be re-homed for their own happiness. Their human family wants what is best for them and, therefore have to give them up. Best for these two dogs would be to stay together. Here is the story of Snickers and Twixie:

Snickers: Collie Mix, age 7
Snickers: Collie Mix, age 7
Twixie Irish Setter-Lab Mix 3 years old
Twixie Irish Setter-Lab Mix 3 years old

With a heavy heart, my husband and I are needing to rehome our dogs to at least one loving family or two. Our dogs are 7yr old Snickers (Collie Mix) and 3yr old Twixie (Irish Settler-Lab Mix). This was not an easy decision to make, as we fully anticipated keeping our dogs forever, and we do not want to give them to a shelter. After much prayer, we’ve decided the dogs would be happier if they lived with a family who had the spacial and financial resources available. We’re reaching out to the BNMC community in hopes that there’s at least one family seeking a great dog! We don’t want to list them on Craigslist, due to the risk of dog fighting. In addition, we hope that we could follow up with how our dogs are doing.

Although we had a baby nearly three months ago and trained our dogs, Snickers has not transitioned well. Due to stress, he has been chewing off his fur and showing signs of depression. Twixie, on the other hand, does well with the baby, but has high levels of anxiety when no one is home or when the baby is napping. Although both dogs are housebroken, we’ve had to clean up accidents for the past three weeks, on an almost daily basis. In addition, with me staying home, we cannot afford the vet, let alone an animal behaviorist. Also, as a side note, we live in an apt. We originally adopted Snickers when we had space for him to run around and Twixie was given to us by a former neighbor (who cannot take her back).

Despite the stress of the new baby, they are both wonderful dogs and we’ve had them for years. Snickers is very loyal and loving towards his adult owners and any visitors that stop by. He normally has a quiet demeanor and is always seeking to please his owners. He does not bark. Twixie loves to cuddle on the couch with her owners and explore outside as much as possible. She is a fireball of energy and would make a great running dog.

Thank you very much for your consideration! Please understand that this really was a last-resort decision for us.

I can hear the love this woman has for her dogs and I am really hoping that these two dogs can stay together. There stress levels are obviously already high, and then taking them from their home will add more stress (though temporary) and so I think separating them would be a bad option, they need something they can hold on to, namely each other. This family wants to be able to stay in contact with the animals which is why your location is important.

I took my best friend to the vet just last week and we ran in to the woman who had been his mommy for the first two years of his life (he is 13 now). We both cried and Forest was excited to see (smell) her again. And so I ask, if you live in Snohomish county, Washington, have space for both of these wonderful dogs and are ready to commit a doggy-lifetime to these sweets, please contact me ASAP so I can get the owners in contact with you.

Comment below if you’re on my website, if you are on Twitter or Google+ email me at and if you’re seeing this on Facebook, PM me. Thanks!

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So, any thoughts?

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