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Forest is finally feeling his fine, fit, happy, loving self again.  He didn’t eat for 11 days and now he is kinda being spoiled in the food department.  We just can’t help it, he’s here and we want to be very sure he knows we’re happy he fought the good fight and is back in good form!  He’s on top of things, not like me.  I’m still unpacking from my move. Only just today sat down and did some “homework.”  So now it’s your turn to do a little homework.

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So some of you know my best friend is Forest.  He has always been kind and supportive of me and loves me despite my illnesses, my moods, and my availability. On Friday he got sick. I was worried that he had had a stroke. When he tried to stand up, he would fall over. He needed my assistance to walk. Of course I rushed him right away to the emergency hospital and they did a full workup on him. His blood panels and neurological functioning all came back excellent. Everything was fine. Turns out he is experiencing a bad case of vertigo. I know what that feels like. I’ve been there.

Mine was brought on by a medication I had been taking for years, I just eventually developed vertigo as a side effect. It would come and go and usually I could wait it out. One day, however, it was worse than it had ever been before. I lay on my bed with my eyes closed but I could feel the world tilting despite not seeing it. I couldn’t keep my eyes closed because it was fascinating, how rapidly the room spun around me. However, having my eyes open was a big mistake. I ended up nauseous. And I had already laid there for quite a while. Eventually I needed to get to the restroom. I couldn’t wait any longer. Very slowly and with careful movements I attempted to move to the edge of my bed where I planned to slowly lower myself to the ground.

I failed in grand style. I got to the edge of the bed but as soon as I dropped my closest leg off the edge of the bed, my entire body hurtled itself toward my nightstand, and the lamp followed me, crashing to the floor. I panted and heaved as I tried to regain my composure. It had been exhausting just getting to the floor. I still had to make my way to the bathroom and new I wouldn’t be doing it on my feet. If I was going to get there I would need to crawl. It wasn’t far, just across the hall. I would, like a baby, reach my arm forward and then my leg, my other arm, and then my other leg and then, PLOP, I’d fall straight sideways. I would literally flop onto my side. It took me an hour to get there.

Forest isn’t as dumb as me. He is keeping his eyes closed and sleeping it off as much as possible. He also has the benefit of an anti-nausea medication and he is receiving water through a subcutaneous bag I hook him up to each day. Like my vertigo, this is episodic. Unlike mine, however, he will likely continue to experience this off-and-on for the rest of his life. It’s a blessing though. I mean, he will recover. He is otherwise very healthy and in zero pain. I went out and found him a great fashion accessory, a handle! Diagnosis: Old Dog Vestibular Disease.

Find your Local Shelter / Rescue Society

This is an ever-updating list of animal shelters and rescue societies WORLDWIDE to help you find your FURever family member! If you don’t see your favorite local shelter listed, please let me know in the comments and I will happily add it! The more we list, the more we save!

Each time new shelters get added this post is re-published so that you will always find the most up-to-date information when visiting Memee’s Seeking Shelters list.

Quick tip, the states of America are listed first so if you’re looking elsewhere, scroll to the bottom, alphabetically looking for your country’s listing. Don’t see anything, come back after you’ve found your forever friend and I’ll add that shelter right away!

Please continue to find listing of animal shelters in your area.

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Don’t shop… Adopt!

I have been very busy with my new school and moving to California. I just wanted to take a quick moment to remind you that there are so many dogs out there needing to find good, happy, permanent homes. Your loving home is the medicine that will keep them alive and they are the medicine that will brighten your life!

There are puppies, they tend to get adopted first. Please don’t forget about the older dogs and the special needs dogs and the pit bulls. Every dog has love to give and every dog can experience loneliness and fear.

You wouldn’t want to be locked up because of how you look or something a total stranger said about you. You wouldn’t want to be jailed because you had health problems. Aging seniors fear that their children will put them in nursing homes… do you want to be put in a nursing home? Do you think that dogs needing medication or special equipment or more doctor visits want to be abandoned to strangers, locked in cages, able to see and hear the other doggy inmates but not play or interact with them? It’s cruel. We hate the idea of this happening to humans but turn a blind eye to our domesticated furry friends, allowing them to be killed simply because they’ve lost their previous home and the right person didn’t come along in time to save them.

So, if you are considering getting a dog please visit the rescues, the shelters and the pounds near you and keep your heart open to every dog, not just the cute, spunky, energetic puppies. And please, please remember do not adopt a dog if you cannot make a lifetime commitment to the animal and be sure that your lifestyle is compatible with the needs of the breed you are considering. Think of adopting a dog as you would adopting a child. Money, time, responsibility, commitment, love and attention and a whole lot of unexpected things come right along with it.

Now I’ll leave you with two beautiful happy endings courtesy of Mr. Bones & Co.

First up is Kona’s Story:

And now Davey’s Story:

Here are two links to help in your search for a furever friend. The first is Dogs in Danger. This advocacy site features dogs that are currently scheduled for euthanasia across the United States. The second link is to a page I have created and try to grow of animal shelters around the world. If you’ve read this far and are not in the market for a dog because your best friend is already with you, please consider sharing with me the name and location of the shelter you found your bestie at so that I can continue to grow this list!

I have some Jolly news to report!

Miss Jolly

If this face looks familiar it’s because I have written about Jolly on two previous occasions. The first time was in the post Seeking Love on Valentine’s Day and the second time was in Sweet Earnestine Found A Furever Home. I love being able to report when a dog that I choose to highlight on Memee’s Musings has been adopted, especially when the homeless dog was scheduled for euthanasia due to lack of public interest.

And I just found out that sweet miss Jolly was adopted despite her special needs status. Pairing the right animal to the right person is crucial to adoption success, and so I am thrilled that Jolly’s furever friend walked into the shelter when they did and had their heart swept away. Way to go Jolly!

It is always important that when we think about adding a fur baby to our life that we consider the needs of the animal. Can we commit ourselves to both the short-term and long-term needs of the animal? Bringing a fur baby home is making a commitment just as it is to decide to have a child. Your commitment is for the life of the animal so it is important that whatever animal you choose fits into your lifestyle. Do you travel a lot? If so, then perhaps a Great Dane or Saint Bernard are not the best choice for you. Do you see what I’m getting at? Picking a large dog when much of your life is on the road or spent in an airplane is not fair to the dog. That is just one example of a fur baby-human mismatch.

One of the reasons we love our dogs so much is that they bond with us. They truly enjoy spending time with us and are eager for us to be near them, playing with them, loving on them, or just silently sitting by. So when you head to your nearest shelter looking for the dog to join your family, don’t choose one because you feel sorry for it, don’t choose one because it is the cutest one there. Choose the one that fits into your life. A pet is not an accessory (despite women’s current penchant for carrying them in their handbags) it is a loyal friend that will love you through your worst days and never hold a grudge. It is a family member that yearns for your attention, affection and love. Let that dog fall in love with you too. Don’t be hasty, there will always be more great dogs coming along so wait for the dog that you can create a mutual bond with.

And please remember, do not give an animal as a holiday gift. Animals that are gifted have a much higher chance of being abandoned or given up to shelters. If you don’t believe me, look for bunnies at shelters about a week, two weeks after Easter. Everyone needs to choose the pet that is best for them. If your heart is set on giving a pet to someone, take that person with you and let them do the choosing.

Oh, and if you love dogs but do not have a stable situation to own one, consider fostering or volunteering… shelters are always looking for loving dog lovers to help with the animals, getting them out for walks, socializing them, giving them a temporary home… the options are there, call around and thanks in advance!

Bonded Pair: Snohomish Love

Seeking Love Saturdays is in part about finding great homes for canine friends in need. And this one comes close to home for me, close as in proximity. Washington State residents, especially those living in Snohomish County please prick up your ears and open your hearts. I found this on Facebook and it tugged at my heartstrings because, as most of my minions know, I love my own dog so very much.

If you are settled in this area, have a yard, or even better yet a chunk of land, and are ready to commit yourself to two wonderful dogs this bonded pair needs to be re-homed for their own happiness. Their human family wants what is best for them and, therefore have to give them up. Best for these two dogs would be to stay together. Here is the story of Snickers and Twixie: Continue reading

Loui Loui…. Oh, Loui Loui

Loui, well aren’t you a beautiful boy! That beautiful blue-grey coat, the white breastplate and big smile upon your face… I so wish I could pet you and let you know it’ll be all right. Your person will come, and when the two of you meet furever friends you’ll be!
Delano Shelter dog ID:

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