Lil Bit in Tennessee I have been very busy at home dealing with our own family crises, one after another. the most recent was with my Grama who was visiting from Illinois. And of course, due to my negligence, my blog has suffered a hit in readership.  I understand, and I now that all of you who’re still following along understand why I have been otherwise preoccupied. Anyway, I did not want to let yet another Saturday go by without posting to Seeking Love Saturdays.

Tweet: Looking to adopt a dog in Tennessee? Lil Bit is an adorable pup needind a furever family.

Take a look at this lovely girl, she is great inspiration for getting this article up and posted. However, she makes me feel a lil guilty about the dogs I missed getting the word out about as well. I am however comforted in the knowledge that Dogs in Danger! does an outstanding job at featuring animals scheduled for euthanasia, so hopefully many doggy lives were spared.

So let’s talk about Lil Bit who is seeking love in Tennessee. She is just a puppy so she’ll need someone who has the time to get her properly trained and socialized. She is a real beauty of special breeding. She is a Catahoula Leopard Dog!  A what? you may ask. A Catahoula Leopard Dog. If you’ve never heard of that breed then you’re probably not from Louisiana as it has been the Official State Dog of Louisiana since 1979. To find out more about how this dog got its name read up on them at the American Kennel Club website.

Anyway, back to Lil Bit. (Actually the Tennessee shelter she is currently sitting on death row at is calling her “Lil Bit 80” and her Shelter ID number is D2015613. You’ll need that number when you make your status inquiry. She is currently scheduled to be euthanized on July 23, 2015. If she has not yet been adopted when you telephone, head on down to the Washington Co. Animal Shelter located in Johnson City, Tennessee for a meet and greet. I am sure they would love to introduce this Lil Bit of love to you.

If Lil Bit 80 is not the right fit for you, perhaps you’ll find your new furry family member on my Seeking Shelters page to assist you in finding animals in your area. And please, if I don’t yet have a shelter listed for your area, leave me a comment attached to the page and I’ll get right at it! When you find your dog, please consider sharing your adoption story with me and my readers.

The Washington County Animal Shelter has moved to 3411 N. Roan Street in Johnson City, Tennessee. They do not have regular hours so be sure and telephone before heading over: 423-926-8769.

And remember, never adopt a dog that you cannot make a lifetime commitment to. Please make sure that you adopt for the right reasons and that the dog fits into the lifestyle of your family. (It is never a good idea to give a pet to someone outside of your own family). Lil Bit is a puppy so I would also recommend that you follow my 3 Keys to Successful Dog Parenting as outlined in the post, “I’m a Little Prince!

*Dogs in Danger! is not a shelter. They neither have dogs for adoption nor do they kill dogs. They are simply an intercessor between the public and the shelters, a national listing service that the shelter’s use to get these specific dogs additional notice… giving a face to the millions of animals that we kill each year.

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    1. They sure do! That’s in fact how I got started blogging 9 months ago. 2014 was a horrendous year for me and I needed some way to process and move forward and renew myself. I chose blogging and am so thrilled I did, what a healing force and community!

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