My Love, I love
                   his love excites me.
          I love My Love
                   his love uplifts me.
          My Love, I love
his love strengthens me.
          I love My Love
                   his love holds true.
          My Love, I love
                   that I love you.

Eloise, a young, amazing poet challenged me to write a poem of love in ten lines. And of course, being a challenge, I had to accept it… eventually. I say eventually because her challenge was issued four months ago. Won’t she be surprised when she sees this pop up on her feed!

And of course, there are “rules” and I know ya’ll know how I feel about rules by now! If you don’t know my philosophy on blogging rules just go to my Trophies and Awards page and choose a post!

in love

So here are the rules, for those of you who must follow them:

Here are the rules of the challenge:

) Write about love using only 10 lines.
2) Use “love” in each line.
3) Each line can only be 4 words long.
4) Nominate others who are up for the challenge.
5) Let them know about the challenge.
6) Title the post, Love in Ten Lines.
7) Include a quote about love.
8) Tag the post ‘ten’.

And because I am familiar with so many wonderful poets, I will break my own, no nominations rule and nominate:

Kim at A New Perspective Perhaps

Jarrod at The Haunted Lullaby

Deanne at Deanne’s World

Joel at Joys of Joel

Kurt at THE BIG HOUSE and other stories

7 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the challenge, Eloise! It seemed so overwhelming when I first received it, I just couldn’t figure out how it would be possible… but a few months later, and a new man in my life for inspiration, I did it!


      1. Love is forgiveness , forgive me if i can’t come up with love, i’m still totally clueless about love . Clueless and Speechless. thanks for the nomination.

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      2. Joel, when I was nominated I was heartbroken and soured to the thought of love. Now I am moving away from those feelings. When you are ready, the challenge may still be sitting in the back of your mind (or comment page) as it was mine. It was very daunting to me too because for me, poetry is the most difficult form of writing. Eveything else just flows out of me at the speed of light. Poetry though, man, that’s really tough. So know that I nominated you because I see your talent. 🙂 All the best!

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