visitorSo most of us know that being a good blogger also means being a good neighbor in the blogging world, which means saying hi and inviting in those people who stick their heads in our virtual front doors. And of course if we’re going to be more than just good neighbors, but also develop blogging friendships we must also find our way to their doorways.

In the blogging world we do this by leaving sincere comments with one another, having real discussions about the topic at hand, participating in events, and sometimes nominating awards of appreciation to one another. For the most part, I believe this etiquette is just a matter of having good manners and using common sense. And since I began this post (unintentionally) beginning it with blogging etiquette I figured I should go look for some tips. So I went searching on Pinterest and decided that I liked most what Jennifer Hall of Dancing in the Rain had to say on the topic. She not only gives 8 tips she explains her reasoning. Check it out!

Confessions of a Blogger: The Etiquette Edition

Well, a couple of days ago I learned that commenting can be much more than just good manners, it can be quite useful too! Some of you are, I’m quite sure, thinking, “Well, duh!” But having blogged for just under 9 months now I have for the most part experienced only the niceties of blog commenting. I don’t mean to infer that commenting has been insincere, not in the least because it has been. What I am trying to say is that I received a comment (and I am not even sure she was aware of it, though she is extremely intelligent) that I found to be beneficial. No, not beneficial, crucial.

I had been inadvertently leaving out important dates on my postings about the event I put on each month! Hosting #memeespoetryparties takes an extraordinary amount of work and although I was posting the event start and end dates along with voting dates at the link-up, I was not always posting them in my subsequent blog posts. Without posting those dates outright I was not giving every individual an opportunity to participate because they’d have to work hard, searching my site to no avail to get the relevant dates. A BIG mistake on my part.

But don’t worry aspiring poets, I’ve remedied that for this month’s announcement #summertimeblues.

Now, for those of you Commenting Commenters who’ve excellent commenting habits I would like to ask for your assistance. Please, if you ever see a link that doesn’t open or goes to a blatently wrong address; missing information on events; a truncated post or maybe the HTML is visible, could you please let me know. I’d appreciate it! And, of course, don’t forget those sincere comments of appreciation, I still enjoy those very much and try my best to respond to everyone 😉

Thank you so very much, in advance,


p.s. The photo above was obtained from Scott Sanfilippo’s blog post entitled, “A Holiday Visitors FAQ.” Or, “Read Before Visiting. Please.”

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  1. Hey there! I’m a newbie blogging for fun! I almost always comment on posts I’ve read to show appreciation also receiving comments means I’m not just talking to myself 😊


    1. Brit, I love what you’re saying, “[it”] means I’m not just talking to myself. ” I hadn’t thought about that but you are totally right! When I right, although I feel I am doing it for myself, clearly with the language I am using, I am writing it for others as well. Thank you for the comment. I will swing by and check out your blog! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by AND commenting!

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