The Randy Oxford Band
The Randy Oxford Band

Every year summer brings excitement and some years sorrow. So whether it’s summer love or summer heartache that inspires you, I am hoping you will join us for #memeespoetryparties this month and every month. Anyone is welcome to submit, no matter the age, the language, or the skill level.

There are 5 simple rules to follow as well as door prizes and bragging rights. You can find the rules and answers to all of your questions at: Memee’s Poetry Parties. There is a lot of information to be found on that page, but if you just want to submit your poem or vote for someone, scroll toward the bottom to find the party links.

Submission deadline is July 25th and if you’re anything like me, summer means more activites so be sure and mark the dates on your publishing calendars. And remember, if you want your fan’s support be sure and share this link with them while voting is open, July 26-30. Door prizes will be delivered via email. Good Luck!

Now I’ve got to go get to work on my poem. Hope to see you around the punch bowl!

☀ Memee

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    1. Aw, bummer! I wondered what happened, Blair. Looks like that is something I need to work on, remembering to post the significant dates in the original posting rather than relying on the link-up page. I have updated the information for #summertimesblues. Oh, and I’ll have to include the dates on the emails too! Thanks for the heads-up!

      Here is the info, Submission deadline is July 25th. Voting begins July 26th with the party ending on the 31st.

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      1. Follow this link scroll to the first blue frog button entitled #summertimeblues and try it again. Perhaps it thinks you are me? I do not see your link there. If this idea does not work I will send in a help ticket. And change the linkup dates. I know several other people said they were participating but I don’t see their links either. It has worked in the past. Thanks for your patience Lori.


      2. HI Lori,
        Tech support did not have any problems. They would like me to send them the url that you are using. They have tested from my blog as well as from my inlinkz account. Can you cut/paste the url for me so they can check it out. Thanks!


      3. Hi Lori, she said that the shortlinks do not work because has become very spamming lately so their system has changed to automatically block those. Can you try the long link for it. And let me know if it continues to say you have uploaded too many links? I know this is using up a ton of your time but it is helping us to resolve the issue so I am very appreciative!


      4. I tried again last to copy the permalink but it seems I can’t do it via mobile phone. I actually wrote a new piece I wanted to enter but can’t copy the link. I can’t seem to figure it out! If you have any other ideas please let me know. Thanks! 🙂


  1. The shortlinks from WordPress have become very spammy and so they’ve blocked all links coming in with the extenstion. So permalinks are what we need to use from now on. I will update that information on my info page.


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