dunce_cap_mode_by_severinearendYep, Memee, like everyone else does make mistakes from time to time. I have been under the disillusionment that I never took Blogging 201, yet, according to my post Diving Into Social Networks, I have. This is Day 2 of Blogging 201 and the assignment is Auditing Your Brand.  Immediately my arm shot up into the air and I was like, “Whoa there, Sister, we did this back in Blogging 101!”

To make sure I wasn’t going insane (which could happen) I typed in the word “audit” into the search box of my blog and up it popped, my post which in fact talks about my being in Blogging 201 and how badly it was kicking my butt!

So, I admit it, I was wrong. And I am feeling like a dunce over such a silly mistake. But that’s okay, I’ll get over it. It’s not the first time I’ve believed in a false belief or made a public blunder.

So fellow blogging 201 classmates July 2015, I will continue to follow along and see if there are any assignments that I missed doing. If so, I’ll participate, if not, I’ll leave the fun to you and read your ramblings… because I can still learn from your words! In the meantime check out my post about auditing my own blog and diving into social networks. It is chock full of great information (or so I was told). 🙂

Diving Into Social Networks


The gorgeous image above was created by Severine Arend. To see more amazing images visit her gallery on DeviantArt

So, any thoughts?

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