Maria is the customer support person over at Inlinkz, the linkup hosting site that I use for #memeespoetryparties. And today she once again found the answer to my linky party problem. She is always super quick about getting back to me when I submit a ticket. I find that with most tech companies I will receive an automated response that says they will get back to me within 24-48 hours. Not so with Maria at Inlinkz. Within 15 minutes of my request she had already begun investigating the situation and initiated troubleshooting with me.

I like Maria!

The first time I had a party snafu it was brought to my attention by my poetic friend and partygoer Jarrod. I wrote about that problem in The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat. And I wrote about its resolution and my gratitude to both Jarrod and Maria for helping me to overcome my first linkup snafu in #memeespoetryparties — Solved Problem!

This time the problem took more time to resolve, but she got it done. It turns out that it DOES MATTER what type of link you are trying to utilize for the linky party. Apparently there has been an increase in spammy links by way of WordPress shortlinks and so they have therefore been blocked from the Inlinkz site. So, if you wrote a slamming poem for #summertimeblues be sure that you’ve used or will use the permalink (super long link in your URL bar) or your submission will not be visible to others and therefore will garner you no new followers and no votes. I do not want your enthusiasm for participating to lead to disappointment so be sure you are not using the shortlink when you try and upload your poems. Thanks!

I made several new goals for this next blogging year July to July which I’ve listed in Registered, Enrolled and Attending. The first goal I listed was to create a successful linky party for poets of all ages, languages and skill levels to share with and inspire one another. And to do that, it means work harder at getting the word out, and trying to make it more streamlined. Getting the word out, that just means more time on my end and more help from you. But as for the streamlining, that’ll definately take time and patience. I tend to be long winded and as I have a pretty steep learning curve in all things computer.

Everything in life has a learning curve and when it comes to anything computer or math related I am usually way behind that curve. Inlinkz receives tens of thousands of new links every day and their customer service totally rocks. And Inlinkz makes hosting a linkup as easy as I can imagine it being. So regardless of whether you are hosting a linkup or trying to participate in one, the Inlinkz customer service staff is ready to help resolve the issue with fast, friendly and successful results and the Contact Us button is super easy to find. (Bonus points for Inlinkz!)

Maria is modest. I told her I was writing this post and she said, “Thank you so much, but I just try to make it as painless as possible for all parties involved and keep track of any bugs that may surface in the process :)”

Well, Maria, that’s why you are an asset to Inlinkz and that is why I appreciate you and the company you work for!

Bloggers, if you think you’re ready to begin your own blog hop or linky party click the image below to get started!


And lastly, and maybe most importantly, I’d like to thank Lori Hamilton of ChronicInk for drawing my attention to this most recent poetry party snafu. Without her being the kind of Commenting Commenter I’d asked for, I would not have known there was a problem to be remedied. So, Lori, thank you so much for speaking up, not giving up, and working with me to get it working. Your patience is so appreciated! This is a new event, but it is one that is close to my heart so thank you for helping me to iron out that unforeseen knot!

So, any thoughts?

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