via People, Things, and Life
Author: Allison Nicole

summer days poem
The whispering winds
tell their stories of summer
and the long, stoic days
as I lay back
and listen to the mumbling
of the trees as they sway.

The sunshine beams down
upon suspecting passersby-
Covering the night to come
and brightening the world around
with the warmth that it provides.

I look to the sky
no longer weary eyed
for the clouds speak of love
and the sun which shines above
holds promises of a brighter day.

☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀

Submitted to Memee’s Poetry Parties by Blair King aka Allison Nicole 7-25-2015
Original Poem: Summer Days © Blair King – People, Things, and Life, 2015-2017. All rights reserved.
Summer Days post © Memee’s Musings, 2015-2017.

6 thoughts

      1. Oh, it’s totally up to interpretation. I want all ages and skill levels to be able to participate so I try to keep the themes relevant to the human experience. Even a child who’s toy is broken by a friend feels the need for vengeance. Good luck. And, yay!

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