Take Me To Your Leader

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Author: Beatriz Portela

squirrel 1squirrel 2

Can we talk? I want to negotiate. Are you the head squirrel I can bargain with? I am okay with sharing mangos with you guys but the tree is bearing its last 20 or so fruit and you’ve been eating them faster than I can get to them. And it really bothers me that you take a few bites out of one, then move to another, and another. Can’t you all agree on one piece of fruit and eat that one completely before moving to the next? While we’re having a discussion, why is it that you’re favoring the fruit that are hanging on tree limbs over the pool? Is it because you want a water view while munching out? The problem, my furry friends, is that as you discard peel it is falling into the pool and making a mess. My automatic pool sweep is full of your mango scraps and the half eaten fruits that it can’t suck-up up are littering the bottom of the pool. How is it that you manage to partially eat fruit, which end up falling into the pool, but you never fall in with it? It would be pretty funny to see you taking a nose dive into the water. I know that’s an evil thought. I guess it’s good that you don’t because the pool sweep would not be able to suck you up; you wouldn’t fit through the hose. Would it be too much to ask if you could choose fruit that is over the ground instead of over water? And how about it if you go for the fruit that is high on the tree that I would risk my life on a high ladder to reach or need an airplane to get to? It’s easy for you. Why do you insist on taking the stuff that is lower on the tree that I can more easily pick? It seems you have a strategy: eat the low stuff first and save the high ones for later since you know I can’t get to them. Cruel.

At first I thought you liked ripe mango so I would try to pick the fruit before it was fully mature but I soon learned that you are not particular; you eat it green too. I’m willing to split those last 20 mangos with you. Please send over your leader for a truce… or have him text me.

Summer Days

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Author: Allison Nicole

summer days poem
The whispering winds
tell their stories of summer
and the long, stoic days
as I lay back
and listen to the mumbling
of the trees as they sway.

The sunshine beams down
upon suspecting passersby-
Covering the night to come
and brightening the world around
with the warmth that it provides.

I look to the sky
no longer weary eyed
for the clouds speak of love
and the sun which shines above
holds promises of a brighter day.

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Submitted to Memee’s Poetry Parties by Blair King aka Allison Nicole 7-25-2015
Original Poem: Summer Days © Blair King – People, Things, and Life, 2015-2017. All rights reserved.
Summer Days post © Memee’s Musings, 2015-2017.

A Poem For Blair

for blair

For Blair

Blair posted the challenge:
A one-minute write.
A challenge to write,
just a minute to — Right?!

Doesn’t she know,
doesn’t she care,
that the words on my page
reflect what they dare?

My words come quickly.
My fingers fly by,
But for only one minute?
Why would I try?

Sunshine, Oh Sunshine

Sunshine, Oh Sunshine


Sunshine, oh Sunshine
your beams are everywhere
I shield my eyes
yet still you are there.

Sunshine, oh Sunshine
aren’t you aware
I live where I live
because your heat I can’t bear?

Sunshine, oh Sunshine
please go away
leave me in peace
before I wither away!

Sunshine, oh Sunshine
won’t you hear my plea
or is it simply that you
think so little of me?

Sunshine, oh Sunshine
you’re filling my eyes
Sunshine, oh Sunshine
you’re making me cry!

☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀


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I am a total beginner-beginner at poetry and created Memee’s Poetry Parties in an attempt to challenge myself (or more accurately force myself to be challenged) at this form of writing. It does not come easily to me at all. If you enjoy poetry and want to give a poke at it I encourage you to join my monthly poetry party (link ups) whether you’re brand new to poetry and writing or a veteran writer we all learn from and appreciate one another.

So if you liked my poem I hope you’ll consider joining this month’s party, #summertimeblues!

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The beautiful image above came from a post advertising Sunshine Fest, an annual 5K run and festival in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Van and Dee Larson established the Sunshine Memorial Foundation after losing their beautiful daughter, “Sunshine” who passed away from heat stroke and dehydration while hiking in Arizona in 2007. She was only 31.  To learn more about the non profit foundation, Sunshine Fest and their newest vision: Sunshine Hospitality Home, please visit their website Sunshine Memorial Foundation. They also have a Sunshine Blog, a Facebook presence as well as Instagram and Twitter accounts.

I am especially excited about their works towards the creation of Sunshine Hospitality House because as some of you have read, while my grandmother was here visiting with me she had a traumatic fall and has been in hospital and now a nursing home ever since. If I didn’t have a spare bedroom, if it had happened on any other vacation my aunt and mother would be without a place to stay while Grama recuperates enough to get back on a plane to return to Illinois where she lives. I hope the Larsons’ good work, in memory of their daughter is a great success and like sunshine does, spreads across the land!


Have you got the #summertimeblues?

The Randy Oxford Band
The Randy Oxford Band

Every year summer brings excitement and some years sorrow. So whether it’s summer love or summer heartache that inspires you, I am hoping you will join us for #memeespoetryparties this month and every month. Anyone is welcome to submit, no matter the age, the language, or the skill level.

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Submission deadline is July 25th and if you’re anything like me, summer means more activites so be sure and mark the dates on your publishing calendars. And remember, if you want your fan’s support be sure and share this link with them while voting is open, July 26-30. Door prizes will be delivered via email. Good Luck!

Now I’ve got to go get to work on my poem. Hope to see you around the punch bowl!

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