I have been very busy with my new school and moving to California. I just wanted to take a quick moment to remind you that there are so many dogs out there needing to find good, happy, permanent homes. Your loving home is the medicine that will keep them alive and they are the medicine that will brighten your life!

There are puppies, they tend to get adopted first. Please don’t forget about the older dogs and the special needs dogs and the pit bulls. Every dog has love to give and every dog can experience loneliness and fear.

You wouldn’t want to be locked up because of how you look or something a total stranger said about you. You wouldn’t want to be jailed because you had health problems. Aging seniors fear that their children will put them in nursing homes… do you want to be put in a nursing home? Do you think that dogs needing medication or special equipment or more doctor visits want to be abandoned to strangers, locked in cages, able to see and hear the other doggy inmates but not play or interact with them? It’s cruel. We hate the idea of this happening to humans but turn a blind eye to our domesticated furry friends, allowing them to be killed simply because they’ve lost their previous home and the right person didn’t come along in time to save them.

So, if you are considering getting a dog please visit the rescues, the shelters and the pounds near you and keep your heart open to every dog, not just the cute, spunky, energetic puppies. And please, please remember do not adopt a dog if you cannot make a lifetime commitment to the animal and be sure that your lifestyle is compatible with the needs of the breed you are considering. Think of adopting a dog as you would adopting a child. Money, time, responsibility, commitment, love and attention and a whole lot of unexpected things come right along with it.

Now I’ll leave you with two beautiful happy endings courtesy of Mr. Bones & Co.

First up is Kona’s Story:

And now Davey’s Story:

Here are two links to help in your search for a furever friend. The first is Dogs in Danger. This advocacy site features dogs that are currently scheduled for euthanasia across the United States. The second link is to a page I have created and try to grow of animal shelters around the world. If you’ve read this far and are not in the market for a dog because your best friend is already with you, please consider sharing with me the name and location of the shelter you found your bestie at so that I can continue to grow this list!

So, any thoughts?

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