New Beginnings

New Beginnings | Memee's Musings

Not all beginnings start on a new path.
Barriers between here and there
A single span bridges the cross over.
Covered intentions lead to other side.
The mystery in those strange lands
Beckons from inside and afar.
Shadow currents twist and turn
Below runs a subtle river

Wooden beams grown around me
Wind peers through the windows
The cross breeze tries to distract
A clear view of a foreign land
The challenges lie in wait.
Direct wolves surely slumber
In the woods sunlight passes
Freely I move to new Beginnings.

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This beautiful expression of New Beginnings as told through the framework of nature was voted as last month’s favorite poem at the March Memee’s Poetry Party.  I send congratulations and gratitude out to Mark and hope that you will visit his site, Coloring Outside the Lines. He travels the world and takes marvelous photos and writes posts which I enjoy. If you enjoyed this piece of poetry, please visit his site and let him know!

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Submitted to Memee’s Poetry Parties by Mark, writer-photographer at Coloring Outside the Lines 3-23-2016.
Original Poem:  New Beginnings © Coloring Outside the Lines 2016-2018. All rights reserved.
New Beginnings post© Memee’s Musings, 2016-2018. All rights reserved.
Photograph © Coloring Outside the Lines 2016-2018. All rights reserved.




Take a Peek!

Take a Peek! | Memee's Musings

Submissions for this month’s poetry challenge have come to an end, and it is now YOUR turn to take a peek at the wonderful poems that were submitted for the theme #newbeginnings and then vote for your favorite!

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New Day

New Day | Memee's Musings


Tomorrow is white


a clean slate

that I eagerly await

with trepid silence

I will walk


unknowing what

my future


© MemeesMusings/B.L. Memee, 2015-2017. All rights reserved.

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I am a total beginner at poetry and created Memee’s Poetry Parties in an attempt to challenge myself (or more accurately force myself to be challenged) at this form of writing. It does not come easily to me at all. If you enjoy poetry and want to give a poke at it, I encourage you to join my monthly poetry party, whether you’re brand new to poetry and writing or a veteran writer we all learn from and appreciate one another. It is my hope that we will all find inspiration and encouragement, and make lasting friendships while growing our writing skills and our blogs.

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New Beginnings Poetry Challenge

This month Memee’s Poetry Party is all about new beginnings. The idea came about because I have been spending a lot of time over the past week thinking about my friends whom I wrote about in my post Placed in the Middle. However I also realized that new beginnings do not always mean starting over, and that there are always, constantly, new beginnings sprouting up all around me. This is truly a broad theme that goes beyond the concept of When on door closes another opens. I am hoping to see a wide spectrum of entries on this #newbeginnings theme.

And speaking of new beginnings, you might also take this moment to think of some new beginning for your life or your blog’s life.  For example, you may decide you want to host weekly linkups on your blog. That would be a new beginning, right?  Well, you can use that blue froggy picture link above to do just that. Click it and see what magic happens in your blog’s future!


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Gonna Get Fit Just Can’t Quit: Redux

MemeeJan 2016
I am feeling very proud of myself. Began with my trainer again on Monday — last October, on my second day, I fell and broke my elbow — and have survived the entire week. So much pain! But it feels good to be there striving to improve my health, stamina and endurance! I don’t ever want to return to the shape I am in now.

Monday:  Wept. Vomited.
Tuesday:  Survived, just barely.
Wednesday: Sobbed like a baby.
Thursday: (my day off, I have classes)
Friday: I Vomited.  Boo!  Now I cannot call Mondays “Vomit Day.”

Still, I never want to feel so frustrated at myself as I did on Monday.  I know this is all part of the process and I am enjoying it. And, as I said, I am experiencing self pride and it has been a long time since that feeling has been a part of my life!

Picture collage I created from photos of my gym’s facebook page… give you some idea of the fun I am having. (It is certainly not boring, definitely grueling).  It’s hard, hard work and it’s going to pay off in a big, big way.  Yay, me!

Fit Lab collage

Gonna Get Fit Just Can’t Quit

Gonna Get Fit Just Can't Quit - Memee's MusingsYep, that’s right I’m gonna start getting my body in shape. I’ve done a lot for my health in the last few years. I’ve changed my eating habits, added Juice Plus+ to my daily routine and cut way, way back on processed foods and sugar. My chronic migraines are gone — I get maybe one migraine a month now and I have had zero seizures since starting Juice Plus+ 3 years ago!

Now I am ready to start making my heart and lungs stronger by exercising. I’ve always avoided it. But not being in shape meant I had to turn down fun opportunities with friends, like going for a hike. I know that sounds super easy, but for me, I just didn’t have the stamina to do it. It is embarrassing and I didn’t want to ruin their fun by having to stop and rest every 6 minutes or so.

But now that I am in sunny California I want to be outside. Right now I am enjoying my drives to different places. All this sun makes me feel happy and gives me a sense of being on vacation. So, I’m gonna get fit. No better time then the present they say. A friend recommended a place and the trainer is expecting me tomorrow (Monday) at noon.

I am super excited about how this will change my life but I am also terrified of the process. Think positive thoughts for me and keep cheering me on through the process. It’s hard work getting fit when you’ve never tried before and when you are getting older it becomes more difficult so your encouragement will help push me further. Thank you in advance!

☀ Memee

Moving Forward

If you wanna play #wcw with me, here's your badge!
If you wanna play #wcw with me, here’s your badge!

In the past 12 months there have been so many endings in my life now it is time for me to forge new beginnings. And so I am moving forward, southward actually, to sunny California. I have no commitment to staying forever. It is just something I am “trying on” to see if it still fits (I was born and raised in northern California).

I have an incredible network of friends in Washington state, so strong that calling them friends does not indicate how meaningful these relationships are. They support me in my move and I know that whether I stay in California or return to Washington, they will always be my circle of support.

Moving Forward |Memee's Musings

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