Poets Want | Memee's Musings

Poets have submitted their Success themed poems and are eagerly awaiting the results of your vote!

Don’t let them down.  Head over to Memee’s punch bowl where you can find all of their links, read all the poems or the few that intrigue you and then vote for your favorite by clicking the heart atop their thumbnail image.  Click to Vote Now!

Voting ends at 23:55 PST on October 31, 2015. But don’t be a jerk, do it now!

If you enjoy reading or writing poetry or are interested in discovering varying voices and styles of poetry Memee’s Poetry Parties are a great place to explore that. Enjoy other’s work or challenge yourself to the monthly theme. Who knows, perhaps you will be the next winner!

Last chance!

10 thoughts

  1. How does one vote? I’d like to vote for ShyUTGal’s “Hollow Victory” but can’t see how that’s accomplished. Does “liking” a post = a vote, or merely viewing a post = a vote?


    1. I am sorry to say that the voting ending yesterday which is why you were not able to find the voting options.

      Please head over to her website (that poem link will take you there) and let her know that you missed the voting window but wanted to cast your vote for Hollow Victory. I know she would love to hear from you!


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