How Ironic is it that after throwing a successful poetry party on the challenge theme of “Success,” is it that I then failed to follow through and announce the winner, run her poem AND not post the new poetry challenge on time!

I have been a terrible hostess!

Dear Miss Moore,

I am thrilled to announce (though belatedly) that you won!  I know you have been eagerly awaiting the news on who garnered the most votes and secretly hoped that you would come out on top. Well, girl, you did it! So, congratulations on writing the favorite poem. You are officially a successful poet! LOL.

I hope you will forgive my enormous faux pas and consider joining us again for this month’s (not yet posted) poetry linky challenge. The theme will be Love-Hate relationships.

My failure at announcing all of this means that tomorrow, Thursday, I will post this congratulatory/apology letter to my blog. It will be your Thankful Thursday instead of mine 🙂 and then I will run your award-winning poem this coming Sunday so my followers can read your wonderful take on the success theme and hopefully they will in turn visit your blog and discover so much more of your wonderful poetic writings! I will email you the trophy and details about your win, so watch for it!

Again, congratulations, you earned it and they loved it!

Defining Success






So, any thoughts?

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