I am so saddened by everything happening in the world. It seems from where I sit (please excuse my blessed American standpoint) that ever since the World Trade Center bombings the entire world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

I imagine however, that that is only when we (or I) poked my head out of the sand and truly began paying attention to everything happening in the world.

Anyway, many of you know where I stand on this world crash course we seem to be upon. Despite that viewpoint, I want to say that I am extremely disappointed by every American who is allowing their fear to turn to hate.

Let the refugees in!

Treat them with dignity and respect!

Allow them a chance for life, the kind of life you were blessed to be born into.

race diversity quote

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I want this point to get across so this week I am not placing the badge. Sometimes WordPress Reader grabs the wrong image and I don’t want to risk it with this post. The message is far too important.

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So, any thoughts?

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