Mission Impossible? Not for this squirrel!

I saw this years ago, but when it was sent to me via Facebook Messenger. Today I decided I had to share it with you, my new friends and minions, and I figured I’d add a few more as well.

I want to emphasize that this is what comes from perseverance, determination and hard work… it’s called success!

You might think that squirrel must be smarter than all the other dumb squirrels. And he was at least among his family grouping over there at the Hageman’s. But what of this squirrel:

or these squirrels:

or even this squirrel:

This is not the first time that squirrels have found their way onto Memee’s Musings. Please do enjoy the calling card left by Beatriz last year in which she tried to negotiate with the squirrels stealing fruit from her trees: Take Me To Your Leader

I’m not sure you can negotiate with a squirrel, but individually we can certainly strive to be as tenacious as they are, especially when it comes to things we truly desire!

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