The holidays have arrived and with it comes so much hustle and bustle, fun and frolic but the best part of each holiday is the traditions we create with our families and revisit each year and down through the generations.

This one came across my Facebook feed the other day. And I love it. Use that spare pumpkin that you didn’t cut for Halloween as your Thanksgiving Pumpkin. That’s right, the morning after Halloween begin celebrating Thanksgiving! How? Every day write on your pumpkin something you are thankful for . You can have one pumpkin per person or one pumpkin for all. You can have everyone contribute something each day or take turns naming the item of gratitude.

The most difficult thing about appreciation and gratitude is acknowledging it. This is a beautiful way to acknowledge the blessings that are in our life and results in a wonderful centerpiece or decorations for the Thanksgiving family gathering.  I like that this tradition has us practicing gratitude every day, even if it is just for a couple of weeks, it is powerful.

I hope your children will embrace this tradition and pass it along to their little ones someday.  There can never be too much gratitude in the world and today we seem to live in a world of too little.  So let’s get our Thanksgiving Pumpkins started and build this Holiday back into the wonderful day of humble appreciation it once was.
Thanksgiving Pumpkin | Memee's Musings

Happy Thanksgiving, Minions, you’re on my virtual pumpkin!

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The Most Amazing Day of My Life

The Most Amazing Day of my life happened 21 years ago today. It sure is amazing how fast time flies. There is nothing in the universe like the feelings you experience that first time you hold your baby in your arms. I will never, ever forget that moment.

I send my thanks up to God for giving me a healthy, loving, intelligent, kind, generous, compassionate, funny, talented, health-conscious, beautiful son.  I prayed that he would be born under the sign of Libra because he would need a calmness to remain sane among the chaos I was living in.  I named him Dane because I wanted him to be strong and I wanted him to be his own person.  And he is all of those things.

Dane was born 3 days early, on the Libra-Scorpio cusp. God had answered my prayer.  But more importantly, I am grateful that God made a way for us to extricate ourselves from the dangerous environment he was born into.  I am grateful that Dane and I have a strong, loving bond.  We are, after God, each other’s rock.  I am grateful for his calm nature and awed by his ability to let negativity roll off his back.  He is everything I had hoped he would become and so much more.  I am blessed.

The Most Amazing Day of My Life | Memee's Musings

Steadfast Friends Conquer Moving Day!

Steadfast Friends | Memee's Musings

You know you have great friends when, every 2 or 3 years you telephone your friends and reluctantly ask for their help in moving the lifetime of crap you’ve acquired and they come, time and time again, they continue to come, flying in like superheroes to rescue you. I have those kinds of friends and I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of them.

After we were done loading up everything my son admitted that this was the most satisfying of all of my moves for him… I later discovered why. He and one of his friends hauled my very large, very heavy Quasar television to the dumpster. That thing would have worked for another 20 years. Quasar’s never die! And, he threw a full-size solid oak entertainment center down a flight of stairs (which he’d wanted me to get rid of for at least 7 years) and, to his delight, shattered it.

The next morning he told his grandmother it felt like Christmas morning! He’d gotten rid of my two most difficult pieces to move and I am leaving the state he lives in. SCORE!

Anyway, aside from that, all went smoothly with the strength, power, drive and determination of 8 wonderful friends at my side.

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Moms! | Memee's Musings

Before we are even born she does all she can to make sure we are comfortable and healthy.

When our favorite toy breaks and the universe is collapsing all around us, she holds us and makes us feel safe.

When we suffer, she suffers.

When no one else can be there, who finds a way?

Our moms.

Thanks, mom!

Linking up: It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

I love it when I see people linking up to my linky parties!

So you like the idea of my poetry party but think it is probably beyond your scope of ability to actually participate. The truth is, in fact, that it is remarkable easy to add a link, but extremely time consuming to put a linky party together and spread the word around, which is why I feel thankful for every single link brought to my punchbowl each month.  I get an email telling me when a new link has been added and I feel a burst of excitement and an energetic surge of satisfaction knowing that I am helping them to find new, inspiring blogging friends, increased traffic and, I hope, it generates an excitement in them as well.

You see, I find there are a ton of people writing poetry on the Internet but no real spot where they can come together and meet, share and inspire one another. And that is the hole I have been trying to fill ever since.  Please take a look at this wonderful infographic made my Rhondaa over at Oombawka Design. It shows you all there is too linking up: You add the link to your post, you supply your email address, and you choose your thumbnail. It’s that simple!  Continue reading

Partiers Partying at Memee’s Poetry Parties

Badge awarded to Blair King
Badge awarded to Blair King for “Summer Days”

Partiers partying at #memeespoetryparties is what is bringing me thanks today.  I love reading all of the poetic submissions and reblogging each month’s winners, creating their winning badges and seeing them displayed on their own blogs.  I love knowing that people are enjoying my once monthly linky parties, that I have created a forum where poet’s can come together for a meet and greet and begin developing friendships while being inspired by one another.  I love that all of the work I put into putting Memee’s Poetry Parties together each month is valued and appreciated by others.

I made it one of my most important blogging goals for July 2015 to July 2016 to increase #memeespoetryparties presence on the web so that everyone continues to benefit by increased participation, increased traffic, and increased inspiration and satisfaction for my partiers who step up to the mike as well as those who just drop in to cast their votes for favorite poem. It is my goal that by July 2016 #memeespoetryparties will have a minimum of 100 submissions each and every month. At that time, tangible awards will be given to the top 3 vote-getters each month. I am super-excited about this and hope you are too!

If you haven’t come to one of my parties, you really should. If you like this post or have liked other posts about my linky parties you really should join us.  It doesn’t matter that you are far away or have just begun to write, it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, man or woman, black, white, or foreign born writing in a language other than English.  This poetry party is for everyone, all ages, all skill levels, all nationalities.  You will meet and be inspired by other bloggers, gain new traffic to your website, receive party favors, badges, and drink from our virtual punchbowl.

So come join us for this month’s linky party at #memeespoetryparties! This month’s theme will be posted tomorrow, Friday, August 14, 2015.  And I am excited for Sunday when I share with you Blair’s badge-earning poem: Summer Days. If you love it, check out more of her poetry at People, Things and Life.

Back to school with friends at my side

That's me in the middle, perfectly happy in the arms of supporting friends.
That’s me in the middle, perfectly happy in the arms of supporting friends.

I have an amazing support network that is built atop decades of tried, tested and true friendships. My friendships are more than friendships, we are family. No matter which circle of friends I find myself spending time with, I am family to them and they are family for me. They accept and love me for me despite my struggles with bipolar disorder, they support the challenges I throw my hat toward, and challenge me when they believe I am making choices that are likely to lead to personal, emotional, or financial disaster. They are my rational voice when I am floating in a world of fantasy and desires. They are the ropes that tether me to reality. They are the most important tool in my belt.

Entering into the world of adult, online, secondary school is a scary thing. I have been talking for three years about going back to school, getting a degree that would allow me to have the confidence to walk into an interview and be able to say, it is true I have not held a steady job in 13 years, however, here is how you know I won’t up and quit on you…

My friends have pride in me and the fact that I have stepped forward, off of the I-think-I-am-going-to-go-back-to-school platform and on to the I-am-back-in-school train. Their pride in me helps me to feel the pride in myself as well as giving me the motivation at times of weakness to continue forth. They understand why I have to study. They know what is at stake for me whether I succeed or whether I fail. I have friends who have offered for me to stay in their home rent-free while I concentrate on my studies because they know how difficult it is to juggle major life events. I have another friend who is excited to put her professional network into action to help me land my dream job after graduation.