#WCW on Opportunity

When things happen in our lives, bringing disappointment into our hearts we lean on our friends for support and compassion. And more likely than not we have heard or even offered this adage (or a bastardized version thereof) with the desire it will help the person find hope. I know I say it to myself to kickstart my brain into positive thinking: “When one door closes, another door opens.”

But did you know that is not the entire quote? In fact, the point, nay, the meaning of the quote as originally stated has been dropped. I discovered this while working on the post about this month’s poetry party and wanted to get the wording correct as I’ve heard many bastardized versions and wanted to get it right. I was surprised first by who said it. And then, of course, that there was more to it. And I like the entire quote. I like it a lot because it is powerful and true.

I am a person who rarely lives in the present. I spend a lot of time thinking about the past and a lot of time pondering about the future… which is actually quite ridiculous because we can never imagine what the future truly holds. I like the quote because it reminds me that we must remember where to focus our lives and spend our time.

#WCW on opportunity | Memee's Musings

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1043 Mondays

1043 Mondays | Memee's Musings


You were so kind, so wise compassionate and generous always giving, never taking the most genuine I've ever met. So many lives, so many hearts you've touched us all so thoroughly we changed in knowing you our hearts, our souls we changed in loosing you our hearts, our souls forever changed our walk, our talk forever changed our life you've marked. I am among those who've been left behind devastated now that you're gone You've left this world you've excised your pain your agony is finally gone as ours has only just begun. I cannot keep the tears inside and I wish you'd not been so good to hide the feelings you kept deep down inside. We didn't know we didn't understand we hurt, we grieve we laugh, we cry but most of all we're left asking, "Why?" But know this: You changed our lives with every smile, with every joke, with each adventure and all you cooked. You changed our lives and made life richer like eating chocolate after dinner. You changed our lives and that cannot die forever with us you'll now reside. We love you!

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Battle Ground

via Tea With Ellie
Eloise Shorneylove-is-a-battlefield

I love him

Like the sky loves a storm

 Cover my eyes

Ignore what he wreaks on my soul

I love him

Like the earth loves the sun

I bask in his glory

Splitting wide open

Becoming undone

I need this

I need it

I need to throw myself away

To a boy who won’t even catch me

Because that is what I make love to be

it is the destroying, the extreme.

It is not the sun, warming the leaves

It is not the storm releasing the heavens

It is the fire, the blackened tree tops,

It is the burning, cracking earth.

It is.

No more.

I will not be victim

I will not open

I will not cover my eyes

I will let this need go.

Let him go.

Because love should not be a battle ground

It should not split and bleed me out

It should

Fulfil me

Not be this aching gnawing need

I love him

Like no one should ever love anyone

Because love

Should not destroy you

But make you

But in all truth

All I’ve learnt of love

Didn’t come from him

But how I felt about my own skin.

So before I let another in

I need to learn to love myself

Before I fall in love with him.

Battle Ground is one of three winning poetry submissions from February’s poetry party: How Do I Love Thee? It was submitted by Eloise Shorney.  To read more of Ellie’s wonderful poems join her for Tea at Elliesian’s Visions.

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Battle Ground original poem © Eloise Shorney 2015-2017. All rights reserved.
Battle Ground post: © Memee’s Musings/B.L. Memee, 2015-2017. All rights reserved.

A Brokenhearted Poem

Living with a Broken Heart.
Nothing more.
Just that.

(artist unknown)

10 Days Til Christmas and I’m Still a Grinch!

Here it is, December 15th and I am still not in the spirit of the holidays. And that says a ton about how I am doing right now. 2014 was such a difficult year filled with so many losses. Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year but Christmas also represents the end of a year and this year was filled with endings that came unexpectedly and repeatedly, each loss more intense than the one before. Continue reading

I’m Pathetic and I Know it!

swing carouselThe last time we spoke you said — no, you emphasized, that you never stopped wanting me, loving me, needing me and yet you come and go from my life like the wind changes its currents, quickly and without warning. I have always shared my truths with you, never keeping secrets from you. Am I to stop sharing these truths now, now that they involve the pain you have reeked on my life?  I have to share with someone and you have always been my confidante as I was once yours.  And when I do not share my emotional truths with you, it feels like I am lying to you, betraying what we had, what made our connection special.  I miss you terribly and when you cannot even lift a finger to write two words; “I’m safe” — it cuts very deeply.  We seem to just be going round and round on some carousel and I want to get off and yet I cling so tightly to the ropes I won’t allow myself a moment of weakness in which I can be thrown away from its orbit.  I am pretty hopeless… You certainly didn’t save me from the ups-and-downs of loving you because I continue to breathe for you, I continue to long for you, I continue to weep over you, I continue to fantasize about you… Continue reading

Sitting Alone

Sitting Alone

Sitting alone upon my bed
memories of times together we shared
these visions of you are clogging my head.
I eat. I drink. I sleep.

Sitting alone upon my bed
memories of times together we shared
these visions of you are clogging my head.
I cry. I weep. I steep.

Sitting alone upon my bed
memories of times together we shared
these visions of you are clogging my head.
I hunger; I thirst for your touch
I weep as I sleep dreaming of us.

I awaken and start my day anew.
In the morning I’ll begin the day
feeling happy just thinking of you
because for a brief moment of time
I am able to forget
that in a few short hours I’ll be all alone
in what once was our bed.

 I’ll wail.  I’ll wallow.  My heart filled with sorrow
I now remember what will inevitably follow:
Dreams of you that feel so real
that once again I will forget
that we’re not together
the past is dead.

Again I will waken and start a day fresh and new.
In the morning I’ll feel happiness
I’ll be thinking of you.
For a short time
dreams will make me forget
that once again I will find myself
sitting alone upon my bed
with visions of you clogging my head.

*Special shout out to Jasmine for the poem challenge. You keep inspiring me with your writing, your openness and desire to connect!
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