Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I Feel |Memee's Poetry PartiesSometimes I feel
like giving up
that no one cares
if I am here
or I am there.

Sometimes I feel
I should stop trying
why bother,
no one is listening.

Sometimes I feel
like trying.
I feel like trying
again and again
and again.

Sometimes I feel
like if I keep trying
you’ll start listening,
you’ll start caring.

And sometimes I feel
that if you are listening
and starting to care
that it really does matter
if I am here or if I am there.

So I plod along day after day
hoping that soon it will be
the day.

The day when I not only feel,
but the day when
I know:
I make a difference.
I matter.

That is the day
that I will
define myself
with the word:

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I am a total beginner-beginner at poetry and created Memee’s Poetry Parties in an attempt to challenge myself (or more accurately force myself to be challenged) at this form of writing. It does not come easily to me at all. If you enjoy poetry and want to give a poke at it I encourage you to join my monthly poetry party, whether you’re brand new to poetry and writing or a veteran writer we all learn from and appreciate one another. It is my hope that we will all find inspiration and encouragement, and make lasting friendships while growing our writing skills and our blogs.

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That’s right, poets, you’ve heard me. This is your last call for submitting your original #summertime blues poetry.  If you really want to make an impression show up before that submission window closes.  Once it does the doors will be locked and the windows sealed, even a secret code won’t let late arrivals into the party. So don’t delay you’ve only got 1 day and 8 hours left to make it to Memee’s party platform. Votes for best poem will be cast July 26th-30th.


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Memee’s 1st Poetry Party a Poetic Success!

howdoilovethee trophyThat’s right, you read it in the title, #memeespoetryparties is a successful, once-monthly reoccurring event happening right here, at Memee’s Musings. You can participate by submitting your original theme-fitting poetry and/or vote for your favorite poem each month.

We had a great sampling of Love poems this month and Wow, I cannot believe the quality.  Each and every entrant claimed to be a novice, a new poet, but each and every poem was surprising, magnificent, real and heartfelt.  Whether it was about love of yourself, a family member, a love interest, be it the discovery of first love or the loss of your love, regardless of whether the love was good or the love was destructive each and every poem was truly meaningful and they all brought out true emotion in me as I read them.

I believe we all grew as writers, as poets, as bloggers, as humans and I know we each enjoyed reading the poems that were submitted alongside our own.  I hope each and every one of you enjoyed mingling and getting to know one another.  I sure am honored that all of you joined my event and I am inspired by the poetry each of you created!  I hope you will continue in joining me in the challenge of writing and appreciating poetry.

And for those of you who are reading this who did not participate, either through submission of an original poem or voting for the submissions I hope you’ll consider joining us in mid-March!

And now, on to the How Do I Love Thee Poetry Party door prizes!

In no particular order, the door prizes went to:

Jarrod, author of the blog, The Haunted Lullaby

Blair, author of the blog, People, Things, and life

Eloise, author of the blog, Tea with Ellie

Each of their winning poems will be published on this website as a Sunday Calling Card. The three winning poets are invited to be Sunday Callers (aka guest writers) for an original piece* for exclusive viewing at Memee’s Musings later this year. All of my party attendees had fun, enjoyed excellent feedback and gained exposure resulting in new followers.

*The original piece can be of whatever genre desired. Sunday Callers are featured every Sunday and the Calling Cards they leave behind are published not only on my website and on WordPress, but also on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook and BlogHer.