The 101 on Why I Write

The 101 on Why I Write |Memee's MusingsI have always had an interest in writing but always found myself editing other people’s work rather than creating my own. That is, until Halloween one year ago.  2014 was a bad year for me from the get-go. I kept hoping it would get better but it just got worse and worse and worse until I had one of two options: Slit open a vein and wish for sweet sleep or split open my heart and write my woes away.  I have always been a coward and chose the latter, which I am now grateful for.

The first post I uploaded to my brand new blog was an exercise I had written “for group” a month earlier. It was a great introduction to who I am and how I think, also I felt proud of the piece I had written. It had illuminated things for me and rewarded me with a sense of pride because I knew I had written a beautiful piece in I Was Born of the Seed from a Banyan Tree. It is that piece that gave me the idea that I had a gift for writing and it was where I might be able to work through my pain and find understanding.

And so began Memee’s Musings, a safe place for me to explore my inner thoughts, discover who lies within my skin and define who I want to be in every day that comes next. Life is hard. Tools are necessary. Writing is my tool but it is quickly becoming a true friend.

I have come a long, long way from the struggling-to-survive-each-day woman to the woman I am today. Through my writing I found a connection to the feelings pulsating through my body and, for a short time, I also had bloggers who paid regular visits to my site, making me feel as though I wasn’t as alone in the world as I felt I was.

Now I write because I enjoy it. I enjoy hearing what it is that my brain is thinking about. It is like there is this disconnect. There is me. And then there is my brain. Two different entities that live in the same body able to communicate only by placing my fingertips to the keyboard. All manner of ideas jumble out and I find it intriguing. Most of all I enjoy the days when what comes tumbling forth is a story. They are far and few between but when they come I am thrilled to no end. I wish I could write my supershort stories with more regularity. I have quite a few false starts that I hope will re-ignite sometime in the future. I think my blogging goal, ultimately, aside from making a success of the poetry parties, would be to write short stories primarily. They are now the most rewarding.

One of my stories came from a prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie while the rest were prompted by Finish It!. Until I can figure out how to get my own imaginitive juices flowing I could really use your help. So if you know of any great resources for story prompts and challenges, please leave me the links in the comments so I can look to those places for future inspiration.

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5 Reasons to join the #ASKFORHELP poetry challenge!

#askforhelp | Memee's Musings
Anonymous suicide prevention hotlines are available in most countries.
  1. Speak out!  Keeping quiet, keeping secrets keeps things taboo.  Let’s not make suicide a topic we’re afraid to talk about.  Sometimes just letting other people know you’re open to talking, is enough to save a life.
  2. Delve deep into your own psyche… what lurks under your conscious thoughts in regard to suicide?
  3. Get the word out and help raise awareness. It is, after all, Suicide Prevention Month!
  4. Challenge and push your poetic boundaries.
  5. Connect with other poets who may positively inspire you.

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