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Share Your World is the blogging event for bloggers who love to answer random questions. Every Monday 3 random questions are posed, an interesting prompt is proffered, as well as the opportunity to share something you are feeling grateful for.

CEE:  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fun”?

MEMEE: Giggling, laughing, tickling, playing, sharing… it is all part of Falling in Love. And it is wonderful, delightful, fun.

CEE: What is your favorite time of day?

MEMEE: Assuming day refers to the greater 24-hour period, my favorite is 2:00 A.M. The world has gone to sleep leaving behind silence and peace. I feel connected to the universe and to my own spirit. It is the time of day when I feel the most complete.

Make time for the quiet moments, as God whispers and the world is loud. — Author Unknown

CEE: Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want have a evening with?

MEMEE: I miss my son a lot right now because I moved 2 states away 5 weeks ago. We’re very close and this is our first real separation. It is good for us because it will allow us both to grow more independent, but it is very, very difficult.

CEE: Complete this sentence: Something that anyone can do that will guarantee my smile is…be gentle, kind, considerate and compassionate for the person standing next to you. It is a beautiful thing to witness and even more glorious to be a part of. 

CEE: Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

MEMEE: With each new month comes opportunity. I am grateful that last week was the beginning of a new month and am looking forward to passing through the doors of opportunity that have been presenting themselves to me.

I Dreamt of Rapture

pi in the skySo last night, Easter Monday night, I dreamt of Rapture… yes, The Rapture. It was beautiful and magnificent and very, very real. The textures and clarity of the images were beyond what most dreams were. This was not one of those lucid dreams, you know, the kind where you are aware you are dreaming, I was 100% in the dream aware of my feelings and emotions and all of the wonderous sights occurring all around me.

It has been a long day and it is dark outside now. I was eager to get my dream down on paper — I should have actually realized that I could use paper! — before much of it faded away but WordPress gave me difficulty all day today. But I am here now and so I will share what I can with you. Continue reading

God’s Child

Photo By Michael Woloszynowicz
Photo By Michael Woloszynowicz

God’s Child

The scent in the air as I watch
A plethora of snowflakes mesmerizing me
Raindrops dancing upon my roof and windstorms blowing
Across the fields and through the grasses
These are the things that call to me
Come and play, sing and dance
You are safe beneath the skies, within my arms

A giant moon watching over me
His friends, the stars, twinkle their consent
Sending me soft kisses and a warm embrace
For I am His child. For I am loved.

Doggy smiles with tails a-wag
Kittens purring against my breast
Babies laughter and a child’s hug
These are messages sent from Heaven above.

The ferns and mosses: sheltered, protected
With Redwood trees standing aloft
The warmth of the sand beneath my legs
And the sweet touch of summer showers
As they caress my cheeks, my face
The sight of lightening
The sound of thunder
These are the things that affirm to me
You are alive! You are free!


Dome of the RockOne of the things I love the most about the Internet Age is being able to explore the blogs and social networking sites in search of the fascinating, sometimes brilliant and sometimes inane journeys each of our mind’s take us upon. I love to read it, but if it is what used to be called, “a touchy subject” I would read, then maybe pin to Pinterest or share on Facebook, but I would almost without exception not comment on my personal stance about the matter in hand. Continue reading

I Was Born of the Seed From a Banyan Tree

When we speak of people and their lives there is always a beginning to our story.  It is not the moment when we are first born that our life begins or even when the sperm first met the egg. Without even realizing we are doing so, we recognize subliminally that life for us began in spirit form, our soul existing without memory, without body.  We have all heard it and many of us have said it, “when you were just a twinkle in your mama’s eye;” but what if we were not speaking of mankind?  What if instead we were talking about some other type of noun: a person, a place or a thing?  Might it too have a beginning, a point at which its very existence began despite our inability to witness it with our eyes, hear it with our ears or touch it with our fingertips? Might the spontaneous glimpse or idea in our mind’s eye of a magnificent ship be the beginning of its existence before the inventor has put his pen to paper and began to sketch, before the champagne bottle is crushed against the hull and she is dubbed The Titanic?  I think so.  I think that everything has a beginning and I am not sure about whether anything has an end, a death.  I certainly believe we have a soul and find it difficult to not speculate that we live or experience multiple incarnations (as I would define life, life-after-death, et cetera). Continue reading