If you wanna play #wcw with me, here's your badge!
If you wanna play #wcw with me, here’s your badge!

I will be flying on a jet plane once again as this post posts and so I find myself, once again, working on my Wednesday Words Crush Challenge several days in advance. The first time I accepted this challenge, I entitled the post, Challenge: Accepted! and so obviously Challenge: Repeated! makes perfect sense for the follow up.

That time I was flying to California. This time I will be flying to Washington. Last time my quote was by an anonymous person (I had thought it was an original idea from the person I’d first heard it from years ago, but I looked it up online and nope, just anonymous). This time my quote comes from American actor John Wayne.

photo provided courtesy of Fanshare

If you’d like to play along in Words Crush Wednesday (#wcw) just cut/paste and follow these simple rules:

(1) Pingback to the site you discovered #wcw on with every Words Crush Wednesday post. In this case, that’s me: memeesmusings.com! (you’ll want to switch out my name for yours)

(2) Use the badge they’ve created just for you – size doesn’t matter

(3) Tag your post #wcw so other players can find you

(4) Optional: When you are ready, create your own badge for those you inspire to play Words Crush Wednesday. If you do not create your own badge then your inspirees MUST use the badge from the blogger who inspired you, so be sure to make it easy for them to find.

That’s so super simple, you just might want to do it too!

* To see the badge I earned, visit my very first #WCW post. And, here’s my pingback: Rebirth of Lisa

So, any thoughts?

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