MemeeJan 2016
I am feeling very proud of myself. Began with my trainer again on Monday — last October, on my second day, I fell and broke my elbow — and have survived the entire week. So much pain! But it feels good to be there striving to improve my health, stamina and endurance! I don’t ever want to return to the shape I am in now.

Monday:  Wept. Vomited.
Tuesday:  Survived, just barely.
Wednesday: Sobbed like a baby.
Thursday: (my day off, I have classes)
Friday: I Vomited.  Boo!  Now I cannot call Mondays “Vomit Day.”

Still, I never want to feel so frustrated at myself as I did on Monday.  I know this is all part of the process and I am enjoying it. And, as I said, I am experiencing self pride and it has been a long time since that feeling has been a part of my life!

Picture collage I created from photos of my gym’s facebook page… give you some idea of the fun I am having. (It is certainly not boring, definitely grueling).  It’s hard, hard work and it’s going to pay off in a big, big way.  Yay, me!

Fit Lab collage

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  1. Happy for you, Memee! I broke my ACL four years ago and it’s always been rehab for me. Leg day every other day. It’s not easy and I hope you keep it up! 🙂

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  2. Alright Memee! You’re gonna do great if you don’t quit! Promise. I’ve been where you are. I made it through. Took courage, perseverance, and sometimes a little help from friends but I made it. You can too! 🙂 I believe in you!

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