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So as many of you know I’ve been going to the gym in an effort to improve my overall health. I first joined when I made my move from Washington to California back in October. I arrived in town on September 28, began at the gym on October 5th and on October 6th, life interrupted my plans! Isn’t that always the case?


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And that brings us to today, benchmark day.  I have had struggles at the gym, although attendance has not been one of them.  Originally I was attending weekdays for an hour from noon til 1:00 (that is active workout time), however, it became very evident to my trainer Ray, after the first week that even with modifications much of the activities that we do as part of the group hour were outside the bounds of safety for me.  And so we modified again.

My current routine involves me working on a prescribed set of exercises three days a week and keeping a notebook with me at all times to comment, record and reflect upon.  Some days I have to work around the others at the gym and although I am not working with them, I still feel very much a part of the entire group.  We are mostly women (I think there are 4 men in the hour I am there) from 20s to 50s and we are all very determined to get stronger, faster, healthier.  We are a group set on success!

And that is probably what makes it easier to go.  The hour that I am there I believe the Mexicans outnumber the whites and I haven’t noticed any other races.  Sometimes the gym has one little boy who I am totally in love with. His name is Alex and he is 2.  He will mimic what he sees the rest of us doing. So adorable. Other days, there are a plethora of kindergarten or younger children there as we work toward our fitness goals.

We all get on the scale before and after our workouts. And we all grunt, scream and vomit as necessity provides.  We celebrate each other’s achievements and encourage each other through disappointments.

So how far have I come?

Well, on day one, all the way back in October I was unable to achieve the goals and done for time:

100 Australian Pull-ups
100 Squats (modified)
100 Push-ups
100 Sit ups

He modified it to 25 reps of each.  My clocked time was exactly 24 minutes.

In January I went to the gym and worked out 15 times.  My new benchmark record:

100 Australian Pull-ups
100 Squats (modified)
100 Push-ups (modified)
100 staged crunches  (sit ups would have been easier. Next time I’m doing sit ups on a slant!)

Time to completion: 24 minutes exactly!

The wonderful photo was taken by Austin Schmid and acquired through Unsplash. It is a great source for free photos under the Creative Commons Zero license, so check it out!

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    1. OMG, no running! My son is a distance runner. My hips pop out of joint when I used to jog. So none of that. I do want to make a habit of walking the MS 5 K every year and hike with friends and be a participant in life. I used to always have to turn my friends down, those who are even older than me because even though they might not look better fit than I did (some of them) they all were.


      1. I walk everyday, it clears out my attic, aka my head! I have a great park that has exercise equipment in two different areas. That helps me too. I’m going to blog about it soon, take pictures and show my area a little bit.

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  1. Good for you! That’s such great progress. I lost 80 pounds a few years ago. I never reached my goal of losing 100. I’ve kept most of it off, but gained 10 of it back. Now I’m on a mission to lose the 30lbs and reach my goal. I hear ya. I’m with ya. You can do it!!!

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    1. Well you can do it too, Leslie! I know it’s certainly more difficult as we get older to accomplish however that is one of the factors that keeps me pushing for it… I’m never gonna be younger than I am now and it’ll only get more difficult if I wait!

      I don’t know if you read my two earlier posts about my gym experience. Let’s just say that on my first day back after the medical hiatus. I broke down and wept because I felt so ashamed that I couldn’t do what appeared so easy an basic. I recognized that I needed to tune in to that feeling so as not to allow myself to every get back to that level of atrophy again. I’m not saying I won’t slide backwards. Obviously, most of us do, I’m just saying I won’t ever allow myself to be in such poor shape again. Well, at least until maybe I’m in my 80s! LOL. My goal is to drop 60 lbs, but more importantly build strength, stamina, endurance and correct my balance issues.


      1. Yeah, just go to the WP admin page for your blog and select the comments tab (it should be just below the pages tab.) Go to the “Spam” option and just un-spam me! 😀 If you have any other questions, just let me know!


      2. Also, I think you can unspam me by going back to that comment in your notifications and doing it there… If you’re on a mobile device, it should give you the option. I dunno, I’ve never done it before so tell me if it works!


  2. Found it. My wordpress format changed a few months back and I find it so much less user friendly. Thanks! Oh, also, it marked all of you as spam… so that was interesting. Fixed it though, thank goodness!


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