Doorstep Pumpkin Challenge! | Memee's Musings

We love Halloween! Candy, Costumes, and Carvings (parties, pranks, and pumpkins) what’s not to love?

I recently moved in with a family so that I could nanny for them while I am studying for my degree. Their favorite television shows all rotate around cooking, while I prefer the remodeling shows. Funny, because you couldn’t have paid me to watch This Old House, which by the way is in its 35th season! I guess Pinterest is to blame for my desire to learn all I can about DIY home improvement despite my not having a home.  I do however have a lot of home decorations I like to put out for holidays. For example I like to change my welcome mat with each season or holiday.

Speaking of welcoming people, what welcomes people at Halloween better than hand-carved pumpkins?  What with my broken elbow I won’t be doing any carving myself this year. And so I challenge all of Memee’s Minion Army to pick up the slack, and carve pumpkins — maybe one for me even — and pingback your creations to this article so that I can enjoy your work and reward one lucky minion with a super special trickertreat’n surprise!

Oh, and to get you in the mood, you might watch The Food Networks TV show which I do enjoy Halloween Wars, newly discovered by me but currently in its 5th season. The only show on television where a cake master, a candymaker, and a pumpkin carver come together with silly team names to create masterful edible Halloween masterpieces.

Doorstep Pumpkin Challenge | Memee's Musings
Halloween Wars TV show on The Food Network… mindblowing fun!

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