Have you joined the LinkUp | Memee's MusingsTime is running out for linking up with your fellow poets currently challenging themselves to the topic of success.

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Are you confused about how to find the party?  It’s easy. At the top of every post are the menus for my blog. Hover your cursor over Memee’s Poetry Parties (which would take you to an informative page if clicked) and a new menu item opens entitled “current party.”  Click on current party.  If there is an active party going on that’s where you’ll find the theme, the relevant dates and the submit wormhole that will take you to the linkup.

This button will also take you and your followers to the linkup during the voting window. Though when it comes to getting your followers to the linkup so they can read the poems and vote for their favorite I’d suggest just making it easy for them and give them the LinkUp url. (You know, the one in your address bar after you’ve arrived.)

Voting begins on the 25th so get your poems in right away or you’ll miss out on getting those votes! Not to mention — okay, I am mentioning — the feedback of your fellow poets.

Submit Now!

Still need help?

Here’s a Video.
Or if you prefer infographics, go to this post.

So, any thoughts?

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