This month Memee’s Poetry Party is all about new beginnings. The idea came about because I have been spending a lot of time over the past week thinking about my friends whom I wrote about in my post Placed in the Middle. However I also realized that new beginnings do not always mean starting over, and that there are always, constantly, new beginnings sprouting up all around me. This is truly a broad theme that goes beyond the concept of When on door closes another opens. I am hoping to see a wide spectrum of entries on this #newbeginnings theme.

And speaking of new beginnings, you might also take this moment to think of some new beginning for your life or your blog’s life.  For example, you may decide you want to host weekly linkups on your blog. That would be a new beginning, right?  Well, you can use that blue froggy picture link above to do just that. Click it and see what magic happens in your blog’s future!


Submission deadline is Thursday, March 24th, 2016 at 23:55 PST.
Submit now!

Voting opens at 00:05 PST on Friday, March 25th and ends on Thursday, March 31st at 23:55 PST.*


1. No naughty thumbnail pictures. (This will disqualify you.)

2. Submit the URL address to your relevant original poem.

3. Please try to visit at least two party guests, leave them a nice compliment or begin a friendly discussion with them. It’s a party: Mingle, people, mingle!

4. This party’s unique hashtag is #newbeginnings, use it. Link back to me and, of course, if you tweet me, I’ll tweet you… tweet, tweet! (Even if you don’t have a twitter account please use the hashtag as a blog tag.)

5. Let your followers know that you’re partying at Memee’s Musings and they’re invited to drop in and join the party! Just give them this direct link: or send them to the Current Party tab to read this post

Spreading the word about your linking up is also the perfect excuse to show off your participation badge!  Because I do not vote it is important that you participate in promoting the event. The more word of mouth the more activity and the greater the traffic impact on everyone’s website. Also, remember, once we start hitting 100 bloggers linking up then tangible, in-your-hand prizes will be awarded to the winners along with their trophy and bragging rights.  So challenge your fellow poets to party with us and solicit your followers to read all of the poems and vote their favorite (while the voting window is open).

Collect your participation badge and find more answers at: Memee’s Poetry Parties.


Here’s a Video.
Or if you prefer infographics, go to this post.

*(If you don’t know PST just Google “What time is it now in PST?” and calculate against your time zone)

So, any thoughts?

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