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Forest is finally feeling his fine, fit, happy, loving self again. He didn’t eat for 11 days and now he is kinda being spoiled in the food department. We just can’t help it, he’s here and we want to be very sure he knows we’re happy he fought the good fight and is back in good form! He’s on top of things, not like me. I’m still unpacking from my move. Only just today sat down and did some “homework.” So now it’s your turn to do a little homework.

You’ve got just barely 24 hours before submissions for the poetry contest closes. Submission deadline is Sunday, April 24th, 2016 at 23:55 PST.
Submit now!

Voting opens at 00:05 PST on Monday, April 25th and ends on Saturday, April 30th at 23:55 PST.*


1. No naughty thumbnail pictures. (This will disqualify you.)

2. Submit the URL address to your relevant original poem.

3. Please try to visit at least two party guests, leave them a nice compliment or begin a friendly discussion with them. It’s a party: Mingle, people, mingle!

4. This party’s unique hashtag is #pets, use it. Link back to me and, of course, if you tweet me, I’ll tweet you… tweet, tweet! (Even if you don’t have a twitter account please use the hashtag as a blog tag.)

5. Let your followers know that you’re partying at Memee’s Musings and they’re invited to drop in and join the party! Just give them this direct link: so they can cast their vote!

Photography by: 紫流
Distributed through:
Crop, graphics and text by B.L. Memee

© MemeesMusings/B.L. Memee, 2016. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts

    1. Hey Sharon, long time no hear (my fault I’ve been otherwise occupied.) My dog was sick (better now), I moved from CA to WA (had to get out of that situation) and am now trying to get myself a job and back into the swing of school and unpack and, and, and! LOL. So I guess I’m doing fine, just busy! Thanks for checking in with me 🙂


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